Keep Showing Up For You

A few months back, I wrote a post about showing up for your people . This has resonated with me for quite some time during this season of my life.

What I have come to realize is that we are gifted special people in our lives, but sometimes we are in the game all on our own, which I think is strategically calculated by the big man above.

You might be thinking, “We should never be alone or have to go through anything alone” and I agree, but I am a realist. I know there have been times that people are just unable to be there for me, as I know there are times I have been unable to be there for my people.

BUT there is one person who shows up for me without hesitation each and every day because she doesn’t have a choice.

Some days, she shows up bare-faced with a messy bun in an oversized t-shirt with a coffee stain, but she shows up. Each and every day she is right there when I need her, often with a cheesy grin hopping right off the hot mess express.

Take a guess who that girl is…ME! As cliché as that may sound, I am the only one who will show up for me each and every day. I choose to show up for me.

I won’t lie, some days are harder than others and on occasion that girl staring back at me in the mirror seems unrecognizable, but she’s there. She shows up fighting and ready to conquer whatever is placed in front of her.

Because despite the odds, she has chosen to never give up on herself.

In some form or fashion, I try to give myself a pep talk every single day. Some days the pep talks are philosophical while other days I’m coaching myself to wash my hair or get out of my pajamas.

A pep talk is a pep talk, right?!

My reason for these pep talks are simple. Many years ago, I realized that I am the only one in control of my day. I am the only one in control of my happiness. I am the only one in control of how I feel.

Half of the battle is making the commitment to show up for yourself each and every day. What you make of the other half is determined by you….

My goal for this post is to relate to you. We all need our people, but the first person that we need is ourselves.

Don’t sell yourself short, sis. Keep showing up for yourself!

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