To: A Strong-Willed Little Girl From: A Strong-Willed Big Girl

Strong-willed little girl, I want you to know there is something very special that is happening to you right now, but the grown-ups around you just don’t see the beauty of the fire growing inside you…at least not yet. 

The grown-ups around you want you to be more like your friends or the kids in your class, right? They want you to be obedient and comply with the rules and “just do what you are told to do with no questions,” right? 

Little girl, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you are not that girl. 

You see, I don’t know if anyone has told you, but your personality and sprit is what makes you extra special. Your fiery personality will fuel your determination to make a difference in this world, a difference our world so desperately needs. 

The truth is, the grown-ups around you just haven’t met “big girl” you, yet! 

I know you probably had to sit in “time out” today for being too sassy or questioning authority. You probably met your limit of saying, “no” and the grown-ups around you have reached their limit. So staying in for recess or taking a moment to “think about your choices” are what you are currently doing (but in actuality, you are probably just counting the ceiling tiles while thinking about how you will talk your way out of time out, right?)

You see, all those times you said “no” the grown-ups around you didn’t realize that you were learning to develop an opinion, make your own decisions and think for yourself. I know you don’t know this yet, but one day when you are a grown up girl, there will be times when people will try to think or speak for you. Crazy, right? Sometimes people will also try to make you believe that their way of the thinking is the only way you should think. Can you believe that? Who would do such a thing? 

Remember how I told you the grown-ups in your life don’t know “big girl” you yet? The truth is they have no idea how pivotal of a role your strong-will will play throughout your life and the impact it will have on others.

Your parents will be so proud of you the day you stand up for yourself and give a piece of your mind to that boy who has been treating you badly. Your teacher will be so proud of you when you stand up for that little boy on the bus who is being bullied by a big bad third grader. 

You know who will be most proud of you? Me! Why, because I am you. I am you all grown up writing this letter to you, little girl. 

You know how I told you at the beginning of this letter that something very special is happening to you right now? Something extraordinary IS happening to YOU. You are becoming EXACTLY who God wants you to be. 

I want you to know that you are going to go through many storms where the strong-will that burns inside of you will throw you a life raft helping to keep you afloat when you feel like you are drowning. Along the way, you will slowly realize that your strong-will is actually your super power! It is your special gift that God gave you to be the very best version of yourself, for yourself and others too.  

So, your big girl girl self is currently sitting on her back patio after a long day at her big girl job, and the song currently playing in the background, is “True Colors!” I can’t make this up if I tried! The words to this song are resonating with me and my only wish is that I could thank and hug you so tight for always, always being you, despite the actions and choices of those around you. 

I am a strong-willed empowered grown up girl, all because of one tenacious, fiery little girl…you. 



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  1. Oh, Jessica… What a beautiful and powerful story. I know my little grand-daughter Mattie Jo is one of those strong willed little girls too. I will definately print this and read this to her every chance I get. You are such a lucky young woman to have grown up to be an amazing writer.

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