At Hello GorJess, there are some common questions we are asked. Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions.



  • This is a question I get asked very often, nearly weekly! So I have put together a detailed blog post talking about all things skincare and everything I use! Check it out HERE and please feel free to reach out if you have questions!


  • The brand of collagen that I use is Vital Proteins HERE. One of the main reasons why I use vital proteins is due to the fact that it is Whole30 approved.

3. How much do you charge for interior projects?

  • Truly it all depends on the room that I am working in. I have different prices  and an hourly formula I use to help calculate a price. I am very willing to work with my clients who may be on a budget, but truly want my help. This is a creative hobby for me and I have SO enjoyed working with my previous clients. Please send me a message if you are interested! I so look forward to working with you! Here are some of my home projects (Office Remodel, Baby Girl Nursery, Baby Boy Nursery, plus more HERE). 

4. What are some of your go-to places in NOLA?

  • I love NOLA and travel there often! We have the most unique and influental city in our backyards and I inted to explore it all. Some of my favorite places are listed below.
    • Bars:
      • Bar Marilou
      • Lucy’s
      • Copper Vine
      • Bombay Club
      • Hot Tin
      • Monkey Board
    • Restaurants:
      • Rebirth
      • Andrea’s
      • Galliano
      • Jack Rose
      • Brennan’s
      • Broussards
      • Court of Two Sisters
      • Antoine’s
      • Galatoires
      • August
      • Dominca
      • Willa Jean
      • Evangeline
      • Tableau
      • Nole
      • Flamingo A Go Go

5. Was Whole30 actually hard?

  • I wrote an entire post dedicated to Whole30 and how it changed my life. I would so love if you read it in detail and took something away from it. It’s all about perspective. Check out the post HERE

6. What supplements do you take?

  • I take vitamins daily, but I will be first to admit I am not perfect. I go a few days sometimes without taking vitamins because I forget or I get busy. Here is the list of the supplements I take.