Here’s a little bit about Hello GorJess Blog

Hello friend! In case you don’t know me, my name is Jessica Rebstock, but most people call me Jess! I am so happy to be connected to you through my website!

A little bit about me… I was born and raised on Bayou Lafourche and if you don’t know where that is, grab a map and look at the bottom of the Louisiana boot!

Fun fact about me, I have ALWAYS had the dream of being an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember! When I was little, I sold everything from rocks to lemonade. In February of 2017, I took the leap and launched this blog and website, Hello GorJess. Over the past six years, my blog and brand have grown into a multi-faceted business and provided me several opportunities to grow as a woman by working with women of diverse backgrounds. 

Hello GorJess was originally created with the idea of being a home and lifestyle blog, but in the last three years, I realized that one of my many passions are inspiring and honoring my voice and the voices of women in my community. In the last few years, I learned that my readers and listeners are women who are looking to create lasting change in their life. Most are on a journey to become everything they know they are capable of. My hope is that by sharing my story, other women feel compelled to share their own and see how we as women have worked to remove the shame from our testimony. 

I want my blog to be a space where women feel seen and heard through the stories they read and hear. The way my life has been mapped out has given me the opportunity to honor my story.  

 With that being said, In April of 2021, I expanded my blog and brand by launching a podcast, Hello GorJess & All That. The goal for the podcast is for readers of the blog to create a deeper connection with the content by not only reading what is shared, but hearing it through my voice and the voices of diverse women. 

Hello GorJess’ sole purpose is to be a safe, supportive and uplifting space for all women. As women, we all have dreams, goals and aspirations outside of societal stigmas and expectations. I’m so happy to have you in this community of women who are rooting for one another and If you are reading this, please know I am rooting for you too!

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