I’m a girl from South Louisiana with a love for interior design and a positive, healthy lifestyle. I believe the best parts of me are fueled by choosing to live this way.

Hello Gorjess was not “Hello Gorjess” until about a year ago. I had no idea what I was going to name my blog. I brainstormed for quite some time until my best friend came up with “GorJess”. This got my wheels rolling and the rest is history.

Interior styling is one of my passions. I can walk into someone’s house and know exactly what it needs (or what I think it needs to give it that element of “home”.) I would say my style is simple and timeless. I love to invest in home decor that will last me a long period of time and never go out of style. I’d say I mostly lean towards neutral tones with a pop of color.

Lifestyle. This has changed over the years as I am now a 25 year old schooled in the game of life. If there is any lifestyle I choose, it is healthy and positive. Healthy eating, relationships, mind, body and soul. I have an undeniable love for life and “all the pretty things,” as I was once told. I love to keep up with the latest trends and throughout this blog I have chosen to share this aspect of my life with you.

All in all, I hope Hello Gorjess can be inspiring to you in all aspects. I will give you my all and I hope that even if it is through just one post, some how you can be inspired! As I always say, stay GorJess