You Were Made For More

“I’m burnt out.”

“I’m tired.”

“I can’t go anymore.”

“I’m done.”

These are words I hear often and have used myself. Society has forced us to push our limits to the point that we can not keep up with our own lives. We are so busy pushing our limits, which I believe has both positive and negative affects, causing us to lose sight of everything in-between.

As women, I think we are pressured into a certain expectancy. We are forced to wave our wand and make magic happen with very little time.

Ladies, I want you to stop what you are doing right now and write down your typical day. Be honest with yourself and write down everything you do. Now, I want you to look at this list and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself…was I made for this?

We all have a purpose and you do not need little ole me to tell you that. Are you living out what you were made for or what is expected of you?

During this down time, we have all had much time to think and I will include myself in this group. I have sat outside on my rocker almost every night during quarantine asking myself various questions about various topics.

Some questions I have been asking myself are simple like, “What should I eat for dinner?” While others were more profound and on the lines of, “What makes me tick and what do I want to spend my time doing?”

This is not a timed test. Actually, this is not a test at all. I do not want you to put any added pressure on yourself and totally revamp your life on a whim.

My goal for this post is to inform and reassure you that you were made for more.

I do not know if anyone has told you this, so I am here as an unbiased girl who takes life as it comes, to tell you this….You were made for more. 

You were made for more than perfection. 

You were made for more than folding laundry and mopping floors.  

You were made for more than living life out of your car and eating on the go. 

You were made for more than settling at a job that brings you very little joy and opportunity to be who you are.   

In case anyone hasn’t told you, you are going to make mistakes and guess what? You will be better because of them.

You were made for days where you trade in a few hours of housework for a few hours of developing a hobby you are passionate about. You were made for lunches where you have time to catch up with an old friend or family member(s).

For the moments where you may question it, I’m here to confirm that you were made to be excited to wake up and go to work each day because you are doing what makes you truly happy.

YOU, I, WE…were made for more. 

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