The Rebirth Rack

The Rebirth Rack’s Mission & Vision

The Rebirth Rack’s mission is to fund our endeavors to walk hand-in-hand with women and children and support their new beginnings.

Rebirth is the word we use to define new beginnings. Our goal is to help women and children fleeing negative circumstances create a better future for themselves.

The Rebirth Rack is a creative way to raise money for this mission. The rack contains items like baseball caps, denim jackets and paintings, all centered around butterflies (The Rebirth’s symbolization). $10 of every purchase goes toward all current and future initiatives.

 Through the newest initiative, Bags of Sunshine, our goal is to create bags with comforting items for children during difficult times. A portion of our profits are used to help fund this effort and future efforts. 

Your support is a small act of kindness making a big impact in lives, and we appreciate your support!

Connections Collection

“Soul Sisters”
$210 Purchase HERE
“You Are Enough”
$180 Purchase HERE

“Unconditional Love”
$150 Purchase HERE

The Elle Woods Pink Mini Collection

“Perfect Day”
$40 Purchase HERE
“Peace Is Pretty”
$40 Purchase HERE
“Pink Is The New Pink”
$40 Purchase HERE

“I’m A Cool Mom”
$40 Purchase HERE

Kaleidoscope Mini Collection

$40 Purchase HERE
“Mom & Baby”
$40 Purchase HERE
“Blue Velvet”
$40 Purchase HERE

“Clear Skies”
$40 Purchase HERE

“You’re Golden, Baby”
$60 Purchase HERE
“Golden Afternoon”
$75 Purchase HERE

Framed Metamorphosis Collection

“Sweet Grace”
$55 Purchase HERE
“Two Is Better Than One”
$45 Purchase HERE

Out On A Limb Collection

“Enjoy The View”
$40 Purchase HERE
“Hold Onto Me”
$40 Purchase HERE
“Embrace Vase”
$20 Purchase HERE

“Out On A Limb”
$55 Purchase HERE

The Reflection Collection

“Woman In The Mirror”
$40 Purchase HERE


“The Rebirth”
$25 Purchase HERE
“Trés Chic
$25 Purchase HERE