Inspiration: How To Find It When You Are Feeling Uninspired

Inspiration: How To Find It When You Are Feeling Uninspired

Inspiration…It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, right? You know when you feel like your creativity tank is empty?

For people who thrive on creativity, finding inspiration can be so difficult to accept that sometimes we are feeling completely uninspired. Currently, I’m on a drought. If you were to ask me, I’m feeling so unbelievably uninspired, which ultimately inspired me to write this blog post. I know someone out there may need to hear this.

I will start by saying this because I need to hear it myself, we need to normalize the drought. We need to normalize the drought in the creative process. Often times, I think we look at it as weakness or defeat when we are not feeling inspired. I sat here for the first half of June feeling too busy and uninspired to write anything for you. Want to know a secret? That is okay. It is perfectly okay to hit the pause because as creative individuals, we need it. We need to hit the pause.

I can be a machine at times. I think that is why my brain goes through moments of feeling uninspired. Sometimes, I have so many ideas I don’t even know how it’s possible! There are days when I feel as though the most inspirational parts of my day are when I’m doing absolutely nothing.

What I am trying to get at folks is that you need balance. It has to be a balance of inspiration and moments where you have got to take a break! Trust me when I say you will not make it as a creator if you do not take a break! I am speaking from experience (actually speaking from how I am feeling right now)! I’m writing this after a month of feeling so uninspired.

I wish I had some philosophical way of telling you that I have all the answers for you. I wish there were a magic pill you can buy from your local pharmacy to help you find inspiration. The truth is that rest is important. Taking a break is the secret.

I know that’s not what I want to hear either, but I believe in the process of taking a break. Speaking from personal experience by saying that I work a LOT. Currently, I’m working a 40 hour work week Monday through Friday. I’m putting in 30 extra hours a week on building my business on the side and I’m human just like you and we need rest.

I glorify late nights and I thrive on creating, but burnout is #real! I’m sure you can agree, but doesn’t it seem like when we need to be on our a-game, the burnout hits?

A few thing I have learned from experiencing this that may help you is to save content. When I am in a brain dump or when you are in a dump, get it ALL OUT and save some of it for the moments when you are in a creative drought. For some of us, if we are putting out content, we aren’t making money. So, in order to prevent a sudden shift in traffic, it’s great to archive some content for those moments when you are feeling so uninspired.

Now that you have made it this far, I hope you don’t feel alone, especially as a creator. Creating can sometimes be a thought of as a lonely profession because we are often in our own thoughts bringing our visions to life, but I want to assure you of this…you’re not alone! What you are bringing into the world and sharing what inspires you with the world is so unique and needed by the community you have created around your craft.

Do not give up, keep on creating and don’t forget to take a break every once in a while. Sometimes the break is the fuel you need to feel inspired!💋✌🏼

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