To My Friends Who Have Become My Family

One thing I have learned in my twenties is the value of true and genuine friendships.

When I think about friendships, my friendships, it’s extraordinary how people who have no reason or binding tie to me manage to steal a place in my heart and take on the title of family. 

I’m diving into this topic head first because just like you, I have journeyed to find my home team.

I don’t believe that this is a journey with a stopping point because from my experience, just when I think my home team is complete, a stranger comes down from the sky unexpectedly, just like Mary Poppins, lands on my doorstep and becomes someone I just can’t live without.

I get so easily attached to people who are good and genuine. The kind of people who laugh at your corny jokes, want to be a part of your every day life and manage to teach you something new each time you are with them.

These are the people I always say, “I love you” to before hanging up the phone.

Trust me when I say that I’ve had my fair share of friendship flops and every person that has come into my life did not come with a complimentary magic wand or gracefully fly down from the sky like a scene out of a Disney movie.

Just like you, I have experienced people only staying in my life “until the wind changes.”

I’m a firm believer that God brings people into our lives to teach us something, and no friendship, old or new, happens by mistake.

What have I learned? I have gained a deep appreciation for the people whose feet stay firmly planted on the ground when the wind is pulling them in a different direction.

Whether there are storms ahead or it’s blue skies and sunshine, those on my home team are always, always there for me as I am for them.

No matter the time or place, these people choose to be there for every moment. These special people love me at my best and my worst and bring incredible value to my life.

In a world where we have the ability to edit and mask reality, my circle remains authentic.

Everyone deserves to experience friendship like this, the kind that evolves into an unbreakable bond.

Just as my girl Lauren Daigle says, “What have I done to deserve love like this?” I ask myself this every day.

To my compadres, sisters, and besties,

You guys inspire me every. single. day. Your loyalty is shown through your actions and you flood my life with a bounty of goodness. You make me better by bringing uncontrollable laughter into my life and each of you have given me a gift that can’t be wrapped, sisterhood and a bounty of love.

I love you guys with all I have.

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