10 Series to Binge on Netflix over Christmas Break

Gilmore Girls

There aren’t enough words to describe just how much I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I can’t believe I only started this show a few weeks ago! If you are looking for a show that is heartfelt and rolls at a constant pace, this is your show. Every girl/woman needs to watch this series at least once (or twice)!

The Crown

Y’all know I’m obsessed with The Crown (and Claire Foy)! I love a good series that is based on reality. I have always been a fan of the royal family, ask my mother about the time she found me in my room reading a biography on queen Elizabeth at 9 years old. Safe to say, this show is right up my alley and I basically have each episode memorized.

Once Upon a Time

I started this series a few years ago and Each season has made me fall more in love with fairytales with fairytales and all things Disney. From the perfect cast to the modern day fairytale twist, this show has me living in fantasy land in the best way.


If you love politics, feminism and a good plot twist, Scandal is a must watch. In my next life, I want to come back as Olivia Pope. That is all.

Gossip Girl

“You know you love me XOXO, Gossip Girl!” A quite that many millennials can relate to one of the best teen dramas out there. I have watched this series about 10 times, yes ten, and I can’t get enough. Gossip Girl is one of those shows with a plot twist in every episode and keeps you wanting more. MUST WATCH!

How to Get Away With Murder

Don’t let the title steer you away…HTGAWM is definitely a show you need to add to your watch list! If you love Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) you’ll be sure to love this show.

Fuller House

One of my favorite shows as a child brought into modern day. If you watched Full House as a child, Fuller House is a must watch!

The Tudors

I love everything about history, so the tudors was right up my alley. One day my mom was watching it, and I watched and episode with her…safe to say I was hooked. Not going to lie, this show is a BIT graphic, but the storyline is just so great!

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie makes me laugh like no other! When I grow up, I want to be Jane Fonda. End of story. This is just one of those shows you have to watch if yo want to laugh and cry all in one episode. SO GREAT!


This was my Nana’s favorite show! I remember being at her house when I was little and watching episodes with her. I can literally hear her laughing as I’m typing this. Although I have never watched this series from start to finish, it’s on my list!

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