Map Aging

I’m absolutely in LOVE with maps. I love to travel and the thought of “going somewhere-old or new” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The tangibility of map tracking is a skill that I feel is fading with advancements in technology. I fully believe in keeping maps alive, especially when styling a space.

About two years ago, I looked into the map aging process. My family member gave me an old retired Louisiana map that was in perfect condition. Oddly, this is the one time I wanted to make something “imperfect.” I knew I wanted to age the map, but didn’t know the proper way to achieve this without destroying it.

I watched many videos, read some blogs and reasearched the best techniques to make this look “authentic.” Through my research, I came up with the method I felt was the easiest and best to achieve the look I was going for.

A few tools you will need

  • Brewed Coffee
  • Old towel/brush
  • Iron (I have an inexpensive iron specifically used for crafting).
  • Hair dyer
  • Map (of course)
  1. I began by crumpling up the map to give it some texture and dimension. For the look I was achieving, I felt this best to start.
  2. I ironed out the map on the lowest heat afterwards as it was no longer “flat.” This is a must when going on to step three.
  3. Next, I took brewed coffee and an old rag and lightly dipped it in the brewed coffee.
  4. Next, I swept across the map (like brush strokes) very lightly to begin to discolor the map and give it the “aged look.” I would consider this step the most tricky. Naturally, you are wetting paper making it damp and vulnerable to tearing. This is why I stress to LIGHTLY brush across to avoid tearing.
  5. Next, I took a hair dryer and dried the map until I noticed all wet spots had disappeared. The time for this will vary depending on your hair dryer.
  6. Next, I went back to the coffee step and completed this process a total of 7-8 times. (This step varies on how “aged” you want it go look)!
  7. Lastly, I ironed the map one final time, placed it in my matted frame and hung it up!

This is such an easy an inexpensive way to make your house a home. Be sure to share images of your maps with me!

As always,

Stay Gorjess💋✌🏼

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