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The Holidays are in full swing at Chic Chateau in Thibodaux, LA. This locally owned home interior store is nothing short of breathtaking. Browsing through Chic Chateau around the holidays is something that has become become somewhat of a tradition since I moved to Thibodaux six and a half years ago. What I look forward to most is finding the perfect gift for my friends and family. This year, I have the privilege of sharing some amazing gift ideas with all of you!

Who doesn’t love a little Kendra Scott? The wide selection available in stores gives customers the opportunity to find the perfect gift for that special girl or woman in your life. A Chic Chateau favorite are these Pax Drop Kendra Scott earrings. These earring are fun and edgy and suit women of all ages. They come in gold, rose gold and antique plated silver. What I love most about these earrings is knowing that in five years I will still be wearing these. I love the hollow center. These earrings are timeless and true ear candy! Scratch a gift off your list and head on over to Chic Chateau to purchase.

This girl loves a Moscow Mule perfectly garnished in a copper mug. A set of these (2 or 4) make an excellent gift for all adults. What I love most about this mug is the hammered detail. Not sure what to get a family member or couple for Christmas? These make a unique addition to anyone’s bar cart.

My bestie is seriously so wonderful at picking out any and every gift. Recently, I received these bath products as a gift and I am in LOVE! I received the lime scented bath bomb, bath salt and soap and the scent is heavenly. Throwing a few of these bath products together make a wonderful gift for any occasion, especially Christmas. The wide variety of scents cater to both men and women.

When in Louisiana…oyster (anything) is always acceptable. These unique oyster dishes are probably my most favorite item in the store. The color palette options are extraordinary. What’s wonderful about these are the wide variety of sizes and options. These dishes make incredible Christmas gifts for couples, friends and family. If you are looking for a Christmas gift with a jaw dropping expression, this is your pearl.

Oysters are such a major symbol of our Louisiana culture. Aside from this, I LOVE buying religious gifts for my friends and family. This oyster cross with gold detail is a true sentimental item to gift someone. For those of you who enjoy gifting religious items, I highly suggest you drop in and check out this beauty.

If shopping only burned calories rather than my bank account. Only kidding! This “shopping is my favorite cardio” tin bottle is an AMAZING GIFT for any and every girl or woman. Trust me when I say all girls need at least one insulated bottle in their life. There’s a variety of cute bottles with adorable sayings to choose from. Check them out!

This bookcase of religious gifts are each wonderful for both men, women and families. From the daily devotionals, rosaries and prayer bowls, there’s something here for everyone. My personal favorite is the prayer bowl. This is a great gift for a couple and family to enjoy year round. Be sure to check these out when visiting the store.

Best of all…Chic Chateau offers complimentary free wrapping on all gifts. How beautiful is this wrapping? Nearly too pretty to open. Save yourself some time and money and shop at Chic Chateau this Christmas.

Special thank you to the Webres’ for participating in my Fall/Winter highlights this holiday season. It is truly an experience to shop in their store. For any of you interested in purchasing any of these items, all can be found in stores at their storefront location in downtown Thibodaux. Wishing you all the merriest and most happy holiday season! It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year💋✌🏼Follow Chic Chateau on Social Media:

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