Ashley Lasseigne Design- Zydeco And Jazz

I love Louisiana, especially South Louisiana. When I started my blog, Ashley Ellender Lasseigne was one of the first people I discovered and began to follow on Instagram. She is a local artist extroidinare with a true eye for design. Over the past 9 months, I have drooled over her unique texiles, fun design esthetic, handbags, and incredible artwork.

Hand Painted Earrings
Leather Clutch Purse

Zydeco and Jazz is a unique and local brand carrying earrings, handbags, clutches, wristlets and hobo bags. Each accessory is unique and I’m so excited to feature Ashley this month! I can guarantee that you will all “fall in love” with her design after reading this blog post. Here is how Zydeco and Jazz came about.

Hobo Bag, Handbag and Cross body Bag

“I’ve always had a love for textile design, but there was never an avenue to bring my designs to life without working for a large textile printing company or ordering 100+ yards of one design. Definitely not cost efficient. Then came the small business print on demand companies. From there I knew I wanted to test it out and see what would happen. I started with a small collection of illustrated designs and found that they both printed well on wallpaper and fabric. I decided to go further with it and really get into what i do best….Art. All of my designs are now created from sections of my artwork and are printed on several fabric grounds including a new VELVET (that i haven’t posted to social media yet). I had been toying around with the idea for a while on how i could get people to wear my designs. I whipped out the sewing machine and started creating patterns. I fell in love with what I created and was pleased with the quality. I decided to do a test run to get feed back from the public. I did a small batch of patterns and posted to my private social media account. I was so excited with the feed back and orders that I wanted to turn this into something. That’s when Zydeco and Jazz was born. The name to most people will correlate with south Louisiana, but what most people don’t know is that the brand is named after my moms two Labradoodles who found it amusing to grab swatches of my fabrics while I was sewing!”

Clutch and Clutch Wristlet

How inspiring, right? A woman with an extroidinary talent sharing it with each of us! For any of you interested in seeing more of her designs, Follow Ashley on social media to brighten up your news feed! Thanks for reading and head on over to her Etsy shop and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

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