Book Clique

Welcome to Ladies+Lattes+Literature, a book clique (club just doesn’t sound cool enough) for all of us ladies to come together and grow together from what we learn…all while sipping on a latte!

There is nothing to sign up for and there is no group to join. At the end of each month, I will hop on a zoom call and we can all discuss the book we read from the comfort of our homes. After we meet, I will announce the book we will read for the next month!

I would love to have all of you join me in reading! I set a goal for myself this year to read one book a month, so why not have all of you join me so we can discuss? All of the books that will be chosen this year will help us as women become the very best version of ourselves.

March’s Book of the Month:

Below, you can enjoy some book recommendations by me! Check out what is on my book shelf!