Turn Your Test Into Your Testimony

That’s truly all it was ever meant to be, right? What would your testimony sound like if everything came easy to you?

Every test was meant create the most incredible testimony…YOUR testimony.

Do you ever look at people who seem to have it easier than you and ask why they were chosen for an “easier” path? Let me just stop you right here and preface this with, the way something appears is a poor indicator of what is actually taking place.

I (maybe like you) have been on both ends of this statement. I’ve asked myself why some have it easier and I know I have been “told” how easy I have it.

Let’s make a pact, right now- you and me, that we acknowledge that everyone is fighting a battle we are often unaware of.

Personally, I know for myself, I am both an open book and also someone who managed (for most of my life) to mask what was happening internally REALLY well. I will also say that, I don’t know if I consciously knew I had anything to mask. I also think I didn’t know what I was feeling and how to express it because it didn’t know what IT was.

You may feel this way too. You may currently be or have been in this space. I want you to know your story may have different characters and setting, but somehow we always manage to relate to someone’s story.

That’s likely how you found yourself to this blog post. It may also be why you choose to keep reading because you feel connected with the words I’ve written.

You know what I realized, heaven will be the only place where we TRULY live as one and for one. Don’t you agree?

Shifting direction, I want to acknowledge that it’s so easy to blame others while you are in the testing phase. It hurts. Everything hurts from your head to your feet. You feel like you are constantly bobbing up for air in the deep end of the pool.

Just know, the test is where the work is being done. It’s where the lessons are being learned and the magic is truly happening.

I don’t want to tell you to enjoy it because we all know we when are in the thick of it, our vision is blocked from seeing the silver lining. What I will tell you is that one day the dust will settle and all I’m asking is for you to grab tight to the most stable thing in your life and don’t let go.

I want you to say this to yourself every day, “I have something to live for.”

We ALL have something to live for. I think I forgot somewhere along the road that I’m not here by “chance.” YOU are not here by chance. I, just like many of you, was an unplanned baby born for a purpose and I intend to live that out fully. I’m typing this with a smile and certainty because I didn’t always feel this way.

It wasn’t until I woke up from a hazy fog and remembered that I have a testimony to live out. I have another kid to help out who felt like me. I have friends to console who often consoled me. I have parents, a mom, grandmother and extended family who may need me one day.

Take note, I get it wrong every single day. I make mistakes every day. I fail someone every day and I forget something every day. However, I DO get something right every day. I help someone every day and I remember something every day.

and so do you…

The true testimony is when your perspective changes. It’s when you acknowledge the truth, take ownership and are able to look at your life from a bird’s eye view.

Then there’s the pivotal moment where you see how all of the pieces, even the ones that didn’t look like they belonged, were strategically shaped and placed to create your testimony.

Will the test be hard? DUH! It wasn’t meant to be easy. You have to put in the gas to get to your destination.

Will your testimony be easy? DUH! It wasn’t meant to be hard. THIS was always meant to be your destination.

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