Best Binge-Worthy Series Of 2022

What’s better than a good binge-worthy series?

For any of you who post on social media saying asking for series recommendations, here are my favorites from 2022! Enjoy!

Stranger Things Season 4

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, stop what you are doing and right now (don’t even finish this read) and start Stranger Things ASAP! I promise you will thank me later. Season 4 was released in July and trust me, this is one of those shows that just keeps getting better and season 4 is absolutely the most amazing amazing season of a show that I have ever watched.

Anatomy Of A Scandal

This limited series BLEW my mind! I love Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery, so this show caught my attention. I started it super late into the night and couldn’t shut it off! It’s absolutely worth the watch and one of my favorite series of the year.

The Watcher

I was familiar with this case because I listen to so many crime podcasts. I heard the actual story of the watcher (yes this actually happened- but not exactly how it is portrayed in the show) and was so intrigued by this series. When. I saw it was coming to Netflix, I couldn’t wait! This series takes MANY twists and turns with a stacked cast (in my opinion). It’s a must watch, I mean….read the title!

The Drop Out

I was highly anticipating this HULU limited series because I also followed this case pretty closely through a crime podcast. I watched a documentary on HBO about Elizabeth Holmes and her story was truly unbelievable. If you like crime, Amanda Seyfried plays an excellent Elizabeth Holmes. I will also link the HBO documentary HERE if that is of interest to any of you.

Dead To Me

I am new to Dead to Me and I’m so ashamed! How did I go without watching this for so long? Anyways, season 3 just dropped and my best friend told me I needed to watch it, so I binged it…in two days! It was one of those feel good crime shows (Is that even a thing)? It was a combination of suspenseful and funny. I loved it and now my mom and I are binging it together!

The Staircase

If you followed this show on Netflix HERE, you will want to see HBO’s interpretation of The Staircase. Another crime show, shocker, but this one takes a twist on the many possibilities of this unsolved crime. I followed this case on Netflix, so I was anxious to see this on HBO with a stacked cast!

Inventing Anna

I heard about Anna Delvey and how she landed herself in prison, so I was pumped to see how this total fake pulled off this scheme. I really enjoyed this show, as it took many twists and turns. It got bonus points for being based on a true story! This is definitely a binger!

Harry & Meghan

Sigh…I just love Meghan and Harry. Despite the press and everything they have painted them out to be (because spoiler alert the stories you’ve heard are anything but true) They are two people just looking for peace and truth. I have rewatched each episode and you heard it here first…grab the tissues. Two beautiful people with so much to offer our diverse world. After watching this, I have even more respect for them.


Wednesday completely caught my by surprise. I had NO idea this would be SO good! I binged this in NO time and fell down the rabbit hole. I love Halloween, it’s my second favorite holiday, and I always loved the Addams family, so I was excited to see this adaptation of Wednesday Addams. This is truly a show for all ages!

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window

Long title and even longer story line, trust me, this is absolutely a psychological thriller. It pokes at every emption and I think that is what makes it so great! For all of my thriller loving people, THIS is the one that will just leave you on the edge of your seat after each episode. It’s a must watch because I have truly never seen a show quite like this one!

The Girl From Plainville

Based on a real story and Elle Fanning? SOLD! I followed this case through documentaries and podcasts, so I was waiting for this one to come out. It was even better than I expected! I didn’t know how this was going to play out, but the way this real story was portrayed truly came from the angle of Michelle, the teenage girlfriend accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself through text message…is she guilty? Watch and see!

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