Crushing The Label “Too”

Too much.

Too tall.

Too skinny.

Too fat.

Too loud.

Too quiet.

Need I say more…?

One of these above may resonate with you. One of these may also trigger a memory of holiday gatherings or an unexpected run in at the store. One of these labels may take you back to a time you wish you could erase.

I wish I could wave a magic wand over you and erase it for you. Just know I wrote this blog post FOR you to do my small part in crushing the label of, “Too XYZ.”

My whole life I have always been labeled as the following:

I was too loud. I was always doing “Too much” (and still am). I was too active. I was too independent. The list goes on and I truthfully, I don’t care to relive any of those memories. Why? Because they were said to make me rethink who I was and still am.

For you who resonates with this, do you feel this way too? Do you feel like your “Too” is who you are?

I think the goal when we are labeled as “Too XYZ” is meant to make us feel ostracized and different. It’s meant to make us feel insecure and labeled.

Is the goal to make us take a hard look ourselves and listen to what we are being told?

There’s a clause in this system. As in everything, this post is not black and white. There is the gray area where “Too angry,” “Too hurtful,” and anything referring to harm or pain most certainly needs reflection and intervention.

I’ve taken a heavy deep look at myself over the last five years and I’m sitting here knowing I’ve said people are, too loud, too much and too quiet.

As I have been sitting with these thoughts, my thoughts are, “It’s not for me to make that call. It’s also not for me to point that out.” Why? Because my opinion of someone who is “Too XYZ” does not matter and it SHOULDN’T.

Your opinion of someone as “Too XYZ” does not matter and it shouldn’t. What it does have is impact. It does hurt. It does cause pain and it will likely stick with that person forever.

I’m walking right now and as I’m typing this, I’m taking in this beautiful and amazing weather wondering how we got to this level of labeling. What ever made this okay? I’m know I’ll likely never get an answer, but I can use this platform in a positive way to shine light on this and have you look at this label from this perspective.

My goal isn’t to find the root, but be a tiny part of a resolution.

We DO have the option to model this for our youth. We do have the option to crush this label with just as much passion as those used to create it.

We have the option to channel these phrase for good. For example:

Instead of, “You’re too much.” Try: “Wow! Your energy is so inspiring.”

Instead of, “You’re too tall.” Try: “You are growing into such a beautiful person.”

Instead of, “You’re too loud.” Try: “I hear the passion in your voice. Please know I’m listening.”

The point to this is to tell you that words matter. Even the simple three letter word, “Too,” has more power than you think. Let’s foster change and crush this label.

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