29 Fun Facts About Me In Year 29!

Cheers to year 29! I’m not sure how this year has gone by so quickly, but I hear 30 knocking on my door and I can’t WAIT (truly)!

A new decade? I’m here for it! SO I’m sharing 29 fun facts about me in year 29! Enjoy!

1. I LOVE To Be Alone!

It’s true! I believe that being raised as an only child aided to my love for being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around my people, but I need my alone time to function! If I am around too many people for too long, I’m totally drained, so over the years, I have learned my limits.

2. I Was OBSESSED With Princess Diana As A Child

I kid you not, I use to look at a Princess Diana coffee table book ALL the time whenever I was little. On the day she died, I had dance class. I was so upset, but I didn’t want to miss my class, so I asked if I could wear my black leotard. I was only 4 years old when she passed, but I think this was insight to my deep feeling nature.

3. Clowns & Circus Things? TOTALLY PETRIFIED

You won’t catch me at a circus or watching anything having to do with clowns or the circus. The furthest thing I will allow myself is The Greatest Showman and that is pushing it at some points. I’m totally sold on the music, so that movie gets a free pass. Other than that, you won’t catch me involved with any circus things.

4. Hi, I’m Ambidextrous.

Originally, I wrote that I was a lefty, which I am, but I also do MANY things with my write hand (probably more than my left, which I think is so interesting). I bat right-handed, golf right-handed and dribble right-handed. These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head! I am also ADHD and there are a few studies that connect those who have ADHD to ambidextrous tendencies.

5. Hard Truth…I Am A Loaded Tea Addict

I became an addict or to those loaded teas close to two months ago and I can barely go a day without one! I know a caffeine overload is looked at as a health WIN, but I always say it could be worst! Subtle plug for Downtown Nutrition because I truly love going there. It’s located in Downtown Thibodaux, right next to the Little Free Library. I promise you will leave there pumped with so much positivity. The staff is incomparable.

6. Fueled By Creativity

Creativity has been my fuel for as long as I can remember. I made something every single day when I was little and I find it so fascinating how I have never lost that passion for creating. Over the last few years, I have done some research on childhood tendencies and how we never truly lose the qualities we possessed when we were little, we just grow up, get distracted and usually shelf it. BUT there was just something about creating that I have just NEVER been able to let go if.

7. I Slept In My Parent’s Bed Until I Was 11…

What can I say…ya girl needed a warm body. I know some of you can relate to this. I had every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t sleep alone, but I think I turned out (somewhat) okay. If your kids cry to sleep with you, just let them. I’m always grateful I had that security.

8. Need Someone To Cut Your Grass? I’m Your Girl!

I can’t be alone in thinking of how relaxing it is to cut grass, right? It a monotonous task that is so relaxing, a free tan and gets the job done! I love watching things happen from start to finish and seeing a task through to completion, so I think that is a large part of why I love it so much!

9. I’ve Always Been Highly Ambitious!

Since I was little, I was always a go-getter. I knew what I was capable of and I wasn’t going to allow anything to get in my way. I wanted to be my best and I wanted to do my best for myself and the people who loved me. I knew there was this stigma around a kid like me. How will she turn out? What will she become? Will she amount to anything and my goal was to always show what I was capable of and to this day, I continue to have this mindset. I have one chance at this life and I’m choosing to live it to the FULLEST!

10. Absolutely LOVE Little Kids (Just Not Teaching Them-All Day)

I was a baby who loved babies and as I grew older, I loved kids more and more! I babysat from the age of 11 all the way to the 26 years old and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I look forward to the day when I am a mom to a little one, but for now, I am just enjoy all of the littles!

11. Dream Job? Professional Dancer & Performer! HANDS DOWN!

If there were one job I would quit everything to pursue, it would be to become a professional dancer or performer. I LOVE to dance (not ballet- it’s too slow for me). I was a hip-hop dancer growing up and ya girl loves a stage! I love the idea of going on tour and being a dancer for a big performer! It seems super fun and that would truly be a dream job come true!

12. I Went To Every Britney Spears Concert In NOLA (But One)

Ya girl loves Britney and ALWAYS has! I would blast my stereo to every CD growing up and you know I lost my mind when she came out with her Elton Collab a couple weeks ago! Every time she came to NOLA for a concert, I was in. Baby One More Time was my first concert ever and I had the TIME of my life! The only concert I did not go to was her last one, Femme Fatale, because I was on vacation.

13. Favorite Season? Summer, DUH!

Summer is just THE BEST! Although it is so super hot, those late evening walks give me life. A few things about summer, I love when the sun goes down at 8:30 and I can sit on my back porch until it is almost time to go to sleep. I also love summer because it is my peak of the year. I get the winter blues every year and I didn’t notice this about myself until I got older, but this just makes me embrace the sunshine when I can!

14. I Wanted Great(ER) Hair…I Have Extensions!

People don’t believe me and I often have to show them, but I have extensions. I was BLESSED with a beautiful head of hair, but my hair is super flat and it never turned coarse. It’s super soft and silky and difficult to hold a curl, so I got extensions to add some volume and it was the BEST decision ever! If you are thinking about getting them, do it! They cost a PRETTY penny, but it is WORTH it.

15. I Completely Shut Down When I’m Bored…

ADHD over here and I just can’t keep still, so boredom and I do not mix very well together. Trust me, I have learned my limits over the years and know that a break is needed or I burn out, but for the most part, I always have to be doing something!

16. If I Wouldn’t Gain Weight, I’d Eat My Weight In Canes Toast

Raising Canes toast SLAPS! There’s no other way to say it because I honestly love bread so much. I rarely eat it because I know I can’t stop and have zero self control, but dipping that bread in their sauce…nothing like it! Moving on because I’m making myself hungry!

17. For Always Being Late, I Was Born 3 Weeks Early

I find the irony in this to be quite divine. I al truly always late and I wish that wasn’t the case for me. The only place I have make it to on time is work. Other than that, for the majority of the time, I’m late. However, I was born three weeks early and I guess that is just because I couldn’t wait to start doing life!


Agree or disagree, but *NSYNC is better than Backstreet Boys! If I have to pick, *NSYNC all the way! Why might you ask? Well, Justin Timberlake…that’s why! Growing up, I loved both, but always picked *NSYNC over Backstreet Boys! Tell me who your favorite was!

19. I’m An Enneagram 2 (The Helper)

Have you ever taken the enneagram test? If you haven’t I’ll link it here! A lot of people think the enneagram is a personality test, but what it actually measures is your motivators. I learned through taking this test SO many times that I am a helper through and through. There are 9 different numbers that categorize 9 different types of motivations and I just so happen to be driven by helping people. Super fitting because the joy I get from helping others is unlike any other!

20. I’m A Night Owl!

This girl can stay up all night and sleep all day. I’m not sure when I became this way, but I have always had trouble falling asleep (probably because I just can’t shut my brain off)! Ironically, I feel my most creative in the evenings. This makes things difficult for me because I have to work in the mornings, so it’s a constant cycle! Any tips on how to undo being a night owl, hit your girl up!

21. I Rewatch Movies/TV For Days On End

This is a super strange habit and I’m not sure why I do this, but I rewatch shows multiple times for days on end. I think this is likely because I want to know everything I can about the show or movie. I want to know all the details. Basically, one view isn’t enough for me!

22. My IQ Is 125

I took an IQ test 3 times and each time it came back as 125! I had never taken one before until recently and I was surprised by the test. I found it interesting! What is your IQ score?

23. I Rub My Feet Together When I Sleep

Does anyone else do this ? Such a strange habit and I have been doing this for most of my life, but I know some people who also do this while they sleep. When I Googled it, it said it was a way people self soothe! I also blame it on the fact that I can’t keep still. Anyone else?

24. I See The Number 23 ALL The Time!

23 is my angel number and I truly see it ALL the time! It is so bizarre. I may not look at the time for hours and when I look up, the minutes are almost always 23. It’s comforting to see this number. It is my birth date and I always felt it was my lucky number. Do you have a number you see all the time?

25. If I Would Move Anywhere, It Would Be Hawaii

Hawaii is my place. We went when I was in 11th grade and it truly did something to me. You know when you go somewhere and it feels like home? That is how Hawaii felt for me. I know I will end up back there sometime soon, because it’s truly the most peaceful and perfect place.

26. True Crime Obsessed (TCO)

Don’t judge, but I love watching anything about true crime. I am completely obsessed and I watch so many crime shows and listen to a few crime podcasts. I think I watch and listen to crime shows because it makes me think and I love shows that make me think and keeps my interest.

27. My Favorite Word Is Cathartic

No, like my actual favorite word is the word cathartic, which is ACTUALLY cathartic because by definition, this word means psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis and THIS is exactly what I have experienced in my late 20’s in so many instances.

28. I Have Prophetic Tendencies

Some of you may be able to relate to this, but I promise, this happened to me EVERY day in some capacity. My mom also has strong prophetic tendencies and we talk about our experiences all the time. I think about someone and they call. I sometimes go to text my mom and she is texting me at the same time. I think about someone out of the blue and then something happens to them. It’s something every day! I think it’s pretty cool. and I have totally embraced it!

29. I Love Doing Accents

Ask my GeGe, I have been doing accents my whole life! She and my grandfather would crack up at all of my accents and they would often have me stand on their fireplace and “act out” different accents. I still love mimicking and I hope my kid does one day too!

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts! Thanks for reading! 💋✌🏼

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