We Are Only Losing Time, So How Are You Going To Make The Most Of It?

This message has been weighing so heavily on my heart. I’m not sure why, but when my intuition speaks, I listen because it’s likely one of you need a fire lit under you.

We are only losing time.

Did you ever stop and think about this? Time is short. My grandmother, who is 94 years old, just told me how time has passed by so quickly. She raised 4 children and has 8 grandchildren. She has traveled around the world, hit a hole in one and was the first woman to win the tarpon rodeo and she STILL says how quickly time has gone by.

Please do not read this from a morbid standpoint. The purpose of this post is to throw some gas on that flame burning within you.

The purpose of documenting this is to ask you one simple question, “What are you going to do with the little time you are given?”

Are you in a place in your life where you are unhappy in your job, living condition, finances or relationship(s)? Are you in a season of waiting? If you stop and think about it, we are ALWAYS waiting for something. I know ONE of you reading this right now is waiting for one of the following; your soulmate, until the kids are grown OR the right time. I’m right aren’t I…

I’m here to tell you it’s NEVER too late to start “that thing,” but the reality is that you have to start putting in the work NOW because the truth is that we are only losing time.

Quick left turn for you, did you know that Kris Kardashian started her “MOMAGER” role at age 42? Vera Wang became a fashion designer at 40. J.K Rowling published Harry (freaking) Potter at age 32. Viola Davis received her first BIG role at age 43 and Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at age 50.

So, tell me again how “You need to be married by 25, have two kids by 30, buy a brand new suburban before you have your 3rd child and need to be building your dream home by 32…” I digress. Back on track now!

You don’t like where you are living? Pick up and move to a place you have always wanted to live. Money is an issue? Get that side hustle going. Your dream job isn’t out there? Go out and create it! Your relationships suck with people you love? Put your ego aside and make peace.

I had a conversation with someone recently and told them that life wasn’t going to show up on their front door like an order from Amazon. Please know I said this with much inflection in my voice, trust me, I know you do not hear me when reading this, but of course I presented this in a gentle, kind way to get this person to realize that life doesn’t work this way.

I think SO many people are waiting for life to come to them and I so badly wish I could tell each and every person that if they are waiting for life to show up on their doorstep with two day prime shipping, they will be waiting forever.

Please know I am writing this from a personal perspective. I wasted so much time waiting for “the right time” out of fear. Full transparency, the majority of my fears came true, BUT the one thing I was waiting for was better than I could have ever dreamed of.

I will always be honest with you and speak from my own personal experience, because that is all I know. Proceed this next sentence with caution, if you go after that dream, no matter what it is, you WILL have hurdles. You WILL face-plant. People WILL hurt you without batting an eye. You WILL feel lost. You WILL have days where you feel like giving up. You WILL question your gifts and abilities, but you WILL overcome EACH of these- I promise.

It will take some time to overcome, but never trying is far worst. So you, dear reader, what are you going to do with the time you have left?

Photo Credit: @aorgeronphotography

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