My Posts Aren’t For Everyone

I sat with this thought for a long time and this blog post has been in my drafts for QUITE some time. I feel the need to put this out there, my posts aren’t for everyone.

You who is reading this may be feeling this way too. I believe right now is the perfect time to share this message. I have been off of social media for a while and it was NICE (like REALLY nice). I know social has blown up over the last month and it seems society is only becoming more and more divided.

I don’t consider myself one to speak politics, so you won’t find that in this community or in this post, BUT I say this for this and your space too…my post are not meant for everyone.

I know there are people who will read this, what I’m typing now, and only get through the first paragraph. I know they may brush over it or only get a few lines in before becoming distracted or uninterested. Some may read other posts and wonder why I speak on the topics I do. Others may read my words with confusion or feel a certain type of way after reading about my experiences, but the truth is that my posts aren’t for everyone.

My posts is for the girl who makes it to the end of a post and feels heard. It’s for the girl who gets to the last word and throws her hands in the air and says, “FINALLY! THIS!”

It’s for the girl who reads that one sentence that she so desperately needed to hear. It’s for the women of our community to have a platform to be recognized for their work. I was so desperately looking for a REAL community with REAL women who had REAL experiences like me. I couldn’t find one that I felt called to, so I created one.

When I speak about this community, you may have your own community and tribe in different capacities. Your audience may be your family, friends, co-workers, friends you’ve lost touch with or people who don’t know you at this stage in your life.

Hard truth, someone will ALWAYS be offended. Someone is always behind the screen critiquing what I/we post. These people aren’t going away. There will always be a critic no matter how hard you fight to protect your peace. This cycle isn’t going away because human nature and social media have melded together and our lives are at the disposal of everyone who (chooses) to follow along.

I say this with no ill intention. I say this with love and coming out of season of truly feeling peace for the very first time in my life.

If you are choosing to follow along, please choose to be kind and understand that every post is not written for you and you alone.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in the last few years is the power of silence. It’s definitive, clear and as Bréne Brown taught us, clear is kind. Silence has saved me so many times when I had so much to say, but felt no need to explain myself. If you can’t be kind, if you can’t be open-minded, if you can’t refrain from speaking unkindly, please choose silence.

Always keep in mind, people’s post are not written for everyone.

2 thoughts on “My Posts Aren’t For Everyone

  1. Jessica… Your words are always a since of peace for me. Thank you once again for your words and keep on blogging as I will always be a follower and a reader!! Hugs!

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