A Woman Who Celebrates Women, Lainey Bruce Rodrigue

Lainey Bruce is exclusively a women and young girl’s empowerment photographer. She has done almost all genres of photography over the years, but has chosen to pursue her passion of helping women and girls with their self esteem through customized photoshoot experiences.

Her service for women is called Bohemian Boudoir and the young girl’s service is called Expression Sessions. She believes everyone is worthy of expressing themselves and existing just as they are today in printed artwork that documents their story.

There are so many beautiful aspects of ourselves that make us who we are and we are all worthy of being photographed. 

From processing her own struggles with body image and self-worth and working with many women, she decided to open up age-appropriate sessions for young girls to experience self-expression. These photoshoots are about having fun, emphasizing their personalities and interests and encourage girls from a young age that looks aren’t everything.

Lainey says, “I’ve seen the transformation and healing power of holding a safe space for women to step outside of their comfort zone and seeing what happens.”

Boudoir clients can be photographed as casually or as “risque” as they’d like. Both of Lainey’s photography offerings are about honoring ourselves. Her photography services for women and girls are an opportunity for self expression, self love, and celebration of being female.

Thanks to social media, most of us know by now that International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world in March and in March of 2021, Lainey brought an event to our area that celebrated women.

On March 14th 2021, in the little town of Golden Meadow…under the trees at the Oakridge park….a new event for women was born, Women’s Empowerment Day! This event was more than a craft show, it was the start of an annual community gathering for women to come together, take off all of the hats, leave the kids at home and celebrate themselves!

This event was an opportunity for women to be pampered, support one another and have fun. This event was specifically for women and put on exclusively by women. 

Women’s Empowerment Day was akin to a mini festival with the hopes of growing in the future. “Although we were unable to have it in 2022, we are making a comeback in 2023, says Lainey.”

27 vendors with various art, jewelry, clothing, services, sweets, and products for purchase were a major part of this festival. There was a food truck and a professional chef serving plate lunches. Also, there were multiple hair stylists, makeup artists and massage therapists who provided beautification and relaxation for the female attendees.

A huge speaker blared feel-good girl power tunes that we all know.

There was a movement schedule that consisted of yoga, bellydance and body combat. There were also hand-painted positive affirmation signs displayed for encouragement. They even had t-shirts made by a local artist! The t-shirt design depicted a woman with a big imagination, a little fire in her heart, and a newly sprouted seed in her hands. The words “Infinite Possibilities” were written above her.

The theme for this first year was to follow our hearts and nurture our dreams.

This event was made possible with the helping hands of many women who put this all together. Lainey is all about women’s empowerment and coming together in sisterhood.

Lainey says she felt our community needed something like this and proceeded to make it happen. Both her photography services and this event scream “GIRL POWER!”


I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you for the woman you are. You bring so much light and goodness to the world and I couldn’t be more proud of your journey, to call you a friend and support you. You truly are a model woman and someone who women need in their life! You realness is contagious and I honestly can’t tell you how refreshing it is to follow along your journey.

So much love for you,


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