What’s Your Divine Assignment?

I’m asking you who clicked on this post to stop and ask yourself, “What’s my divine assignment?”

You may not know what this means, but through this post, I hope to give you some insight as to what that is and how you can figure out what your divine assignment is.

You may have stopped and Googled what this means and this is what comes up through Google.

In a nutshell, I would say that: Your divine assignment is doing what God wants you to do; having what God wants you to have; going where God wants you to go and then becoming who God ultimately wants you to become which is Christ-like.

We ALL have a divine assignment, but it’s up to us to figure out what that is. You might be thinking to yourself, “Jess, how am I suppose to know this and how do I figure this out?” For some of us, the answer is easy and for some of us it will take some soul searching. Why? Because we are evolving creatures. We are always changing and as we change, it is up to us to prioritize exploring the new facets of ourselves which will help lead us to our divine assignment.

I would say in the last five years I have evolved into an entirely different person, a person I am SO VERY proud of! Getting to know this new person and experiencing these changes I will not talk about lightly because the WORK I had to put in took everything out of me, BUT the what I received was so incredibly worth it.

I will not sugar coat this, I see people everyday and have had people in my life who have absolutely no idea who they are and it is extremely obvious. It genuinely breaks my heart to see people settle for the minimum and afraid of becoming the person they know they are capable of being. Do you agree?

I think this happens more often than we would like to admit. I think the fear of becoming the person you dream of being seems too far out of reach. One of my main goals for this platform is to crush that mindset and plant the seed of belief.

I want you to believe in yourself, your abilities, your dreams, believe that your goals ARE achievable, believe in your worthiness and believe in the person you are working to become.

I can say all of this until I am blue in the face, but if YOU do not have belief in yourself and manifest everything you want for you and your life, I’m sorry to tell you…it won’t happen on its own.

I can’t make your dreams come true. I can’t make you believe in yourself, I can’t write a post that changes your mindset, but what I CAN and will continue doing is allowing YOU to borrow belief from me. You may be reading this right now and thinking, “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

The truth is that I have SO MUCH belief in you, so much so that I am willing to let you borrow the belief I have for you until you begin to believe in yourself.

How do you borrow belief from me? It often happens without realization. We borrow belief from people ALL the time without realizing it. This can be a good AND bad thing… if we borrow believe from someone who tells us that we can’t do something, we will begin to believe that. If we borrow belief from someone who tells us that we CAN do it, we want to recognize who these people are and turn to them when we need to borrow belief in ourselves.

Brining it back to divine assignment, belief is truly the engine that drives the bus to get you there.

I will share a quick story with you about my realization of my divine assignment.

I am a firm believer in God and respect everyone’s views on religion. I am a born and raised Catholic. Although I do not agree with everything in the Catholic faith, I do my best to always remember that church is everywhere and I try everyday to share God’s love and message.

With that being said, I am very in tune with my faith and I hear God pretty daily.

I have always known that my life mission was to help people. I have always had this burning desire to help people in all capacities. I won’t get into what I use to do as a child, but my family can attest that my heart was made for giving and still is.

As many of you know, my life is untraditional and the way I was brought into this world was different. I went through a lot as a baby and was on my own with stability for the first three weeks of my life. I believe this made me extremely independent and also taught me a lot about doing things for myself. If I could manage life as a new born somewhat on my own, then I sure as HELL could do it now!

It’s a blessing and a curse all wrapped up with a pretty bow, BUT if you think for one second I will use my life as an excuse, you have another thought coming. Everything about my life has fueled me. It has served as my fuel to be the good I want to see in this world.

I know I am suppose to help kids like me. I know my purpose is to be a resource and guide for children and young adults who are trying to figure out who they are. I know one of my callings is to to support and help women and children in all capacities who are fleeing things domestic violence and sexual assault.

I KNOW with everything in me that I will be the person who helps children find their way back to their families. I have felt this was my calling from as far back as I can remember. And do you know what? I think starting this platform and sharing my story here in the HG community is literally only the beginning of my divine assignment.

I know with everything in me, and have known since I was [playing with barbie dolls, that my mom and I’s story is going to be used to bring families together and bring goodness into the world. I know our story that ripped us apart will be used to help mend and unite families, especially mothers with their children.

I feel in my soul that one day I will be on stage speaking around the country sharing my mom and I’s story with her right by my side giving hope to people that miracles do happen and it happened to us.

This is my divine assignment that I am manifesting right here in this blog post. So, I want you to stop and think to yourself, what is your divine assignment?

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