Things I LOVE: Recent Amazon Finds

Here are some recent things I bought/received from Amazon that I LOVE, so I thought I would share them with you!

Easily my most favorite book of all time that has brought me so much peace and healing. The ability to make sense of our emotions is the gift this book provides. Thank you, Brené.

Haven’t bought these for myself yet, but they are in my cart! I tried them on and I LOVE THEM!! They are SO SOFT and have great reviews!

Have brain fog? Take this! It helps with memory and clears my mind when I my thoughts are jumbled!

I love elderberry and this is an easy way for me to incorporate it in my daily routine! I put the allotted drops in water or my nightly kombucha mocktail and it’s DELICIOUS plus helps to support my immune system!

Currently, I am working on a collage wall in my kitchen and this wall planter gave my wall a different shape, texture and color! I planted a real philodendron in it and it’s PERFECT!

I’m not exactly a hoops person, but I got these a few months ago and I LOVE them! They are hallow and light weight!

I tried this electrolyte this past week and I am LOVING IT!! It is Whole30 approved and doesn’t have sugar in it, so I am excited to trade out my mid day coffee for this electrolyte.

These are the most soft and buttery leggings that don’t look cheap! I am PICKY about leggings and these make the cut! I love them and they are super affordable with great colors!

An oldie, but goodie! I just ordered myself some more, but this soft and luscious sunscreen is my favorite! It’s tinted, so I don’t have to wear makeup #winning! Worth the purchase and a little bit goes a LONG way!

These chairs are so comfy and they give a sleek modern look to my dining room. I love them so much and the gold bottom is perfect for my home esthetic!

This was a gift from my parents for Christmas last year, so I’ve used it for about a year and I LOVE it! It’s perfect when I have guests over! This is a MUST if you like charcuterie AND have people over often!

This was a Christmas gift I got this year and I LOVE it! I wanted to start doing barre this year and this booty kicker is perfect for at home workouts!

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