5 Things You Can Do To Beat The Winter Blues

You may have read this title and said to yourself, “AHA! That’s what I have! The winter blues!”

I didn’t realize I personally suffered with the winter blues until someone pointed it out to me. They said, “Jessica, you shut down in the winter. Did you ever notice this about yourself?” Although I had never personally noticed or questioned it, I absolutely agreed.

After this revelation, I began researching methods and ways to combat the winter blues.

Full transparency, I go somewhat quiet in the winter and I do believe this is necessary for my creative mindset. When I go quiet, I personally believe my brain is doing it’s best work and putting ideas into motion.

There is something SO relaxing about creating.

Recently I watched a Brené Brown interview where she talked about vulnerability and how it’s the birthplace for creators and innovators. When you stop and think about it, this couldn’t be more true! In order to create, we must be vulnerable and step outside of ourselves and our comfort zone. In summary, I become my MOST vulnerable in the winter months.

After some trial and error, if you suffer with the winter blues, here are a few things you can do to help combat the negative side effects and embrace the slow:

1. Get Your Booty Outside!

If you suffer from the winter blues OR what is medically known as seasonal affective disorder, lack of sunlight (vitamin D) is a main contributor. Going outside for 30 minutes a day will almost INSTANTLY make you feel better (especially on the sunny days).

2. Supplement With a D3 Vitamin

We know the winter provides gloomy weather and sunny days are rare. With that being said, beginning in September, start taking a D3 vitamin daily (HERE is the one I take). This will help to make up for those days when you aren’t getting as much sunlight. I believe in starting early, so your body becomes adjusted and in preparation for winter.


Exercise is extremely important and if you are capable of doing it outside, you kill two birds with one stone! Exercise for 20-30 minutes a day, even if it is as simple as a brisk walk. Move your body for the purpose of exercise every day and I promise you will notice a difference in your mood. As Elle Woods told us, “Exercise give you endorphins and endorphins make you happy….you know the rest!”

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Laugh!

Laughter is very important for umpteen reasons. Find people who make you laugh and make it a point to call them or meet up with them frequently to break the cycle of stress your body is under during the winter months. Laughter is good for a million reasons! It keeps us youthful, great for the skin, some research supports it’s good for the heart and it also disrupts the monotony of our mood.

5. Keep Your Diet Clean!

It’s proven in all aspects that eating clean and cutting out excess carbs and sugars has drastic positive affects on our mood (and I can attest to this). I have done Whole30 dozens of times and I pretty much eat Whole30 compliant for about 60% of my meals. I’m not saying you need to do something SO drastic, BUT cutting out the comfort foods to 50% is super reasonable, knowing it will help you to beat the winter blues. Think about it this way, M-T eat clean and on the weekends, you can be less strict with your diet.

I hope this helps you! If you liked this post, HERE are some more just like this that is sure to give you some inspiration!

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