The Choice Between What Is Right & What Is Easy

We all have a choice. We all have the option between choosing what is right and what is easy…

How do we decide this? With the choices we are given, how do we determine what is best?

We are faced with choices every day. Some of these being; what we would like to eat for lunch, where we want to buy our clothes from, who we want to be friends with, if we want to go on a vacation. For some of these questions, the answer seems “easy” and natural for us to come to, right? As we all know, some choices don’t come to us with ease. Some choices are life altering, require a strong stomach and have the ability to change the trajectory of our lives.

So what do we do when we are faced with a decision that doesn’t come with such ease? I ask myself this question on a daily basis. It seems as though I am constantly put to a test about something and do you know what? It’s exhausting. I know I have not been very vocal about this, but nearly every day I am put to some unsurmountable test and I am guilty at times of choosing the easy option. Why? Sometimes I can’t muscle up the strength to choose the right choice.

This may resonate with some of you and this blog post isn’t a lecture coming at you for choosing the easy option, it’s to help you realize that you are strong enough to do what is right, even though it may not always be easy.

The goal for this post is for you to have less days of choosing the easy option and more days of you feeling empowered to choose what is right.

Disclaimer 1: Sometimes, the right choice may be easy and for situations like that, I say, “HALLEUJAH!”

Disclaimer 2: You will have days where you settle for the easy choice and that is perfectly okay.

Resolution: Knowing when you have to suck it up and do what is right (even though it may not be easy). It’s thinking about the people in your life who may be affected by your choice or lack there of. It’s realizing that choosing the easy option isn’t worth jeopardizing a relationship or potentially ruining a good situation.

Heads up, sometimes choosing the right decision can have an adverse affect…proceed with confidence (not caution).

Sometimes choosing what is right may also have the same consequences as choosing what is easy. How do we know the difference? It’s the feeling you have in your heart. You know the one where you feel that moment of relief or immediately receive confirmation from the universe that the choice you made was in fact the right one?

For me personally, God always has a way of confirming when I followed my heart rather than my head.

Something I learned through daily (hard) decision making is that my head often leads me to the easy option where my heart seems to always lead me to what is right. Sounds cliche, but I won’t reinvent the wheel. I think this comes with learning to listen to our bodies and be REALLY in-tune with ourselves.

Recently, I listened to a podcast about learning to be in tune with our bodies- attached here and being able to really trust our intuition with how we are feeling, whether it be medical, emotional, spiritual etc. I think intuition plays a major role in helping us make decisions, including differentiating between what is right and what is easy.

You know that feeling when you made a rash decision? Many rash decisions I have made would be associated with being the easy choice. It was the choice that was quiet and didn’t make much noise. It was the choice that I viewed as “safe” when I likely should have run for the hills. In these moments, I knew my head was in control because my heart was yelling at me to backspace and try again.

In my opinion, our intuition is in alignment with our decision making and when we lean into ourselves and lean into our intuition that is when we build the resilience muscle to make the right choice.

Many times in the last few years have I cried out for people to do the hard thing for me. In other words, make the right choice. I’m sitting out here most days doing the hard thing for everyone else, which wouldn’t they do this for me in return?

I asked myself over and over, “How can the all of these people who instilled these values in me not follow their teachings?” All my life, I drove down the “high road” on a daily basis, yet they have chosen the shortcut or backroad to avoid the high road. I have begged people who I love to just acknowledge what is right, rather than ignore the truth. Many times I have sat back and watched decisions unfold before my eyes, which often resulted in my heart being broken…

And guess who was in charge of putting it back together (raises hand here).

Does this narrative sound familiar? Have you experienced this too and felt like the only one with these thoughts?

We are all out here just trying to do what is right, accepting that we will get it wrong and vowing to learn in the moments that we do, right? I hope this is your mindset. I hope you have shattered the idea that you will always making the right choice, but have a clear understanding that you have the tools to make more right choices, rather than going for the easier option.

I wrote this for you to realize that you are capable of doing what is right no matter how many times you may have opted for what was easy.

Are you in the middle of making a tough choice? Do you feel conflicted between right and easy? I know you don’t want to let anyone down, but please remember that YOU are the number one person YOU should NOT let down.

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