Welcome To My Home: Fall Home Refresh

I did it again and this all started just because I wanted to paint my dining room table…

That’s usually how it starts, right? You do one project which leads to another! It happens to the best of us, right? I say that, but I have had this butterfly painting in my mind for over a year and it’s finally complete, framed and up on my wall. I have been waiting anxiously to share this update with you all! Yesterday, I picked up my painting and FIRST thing this morning, I was photographing it!

My friend and colleague painted this stunning butterfly with so much meaning. There are SO many hidden messages within this painting, which are very personal to me. My friend painted a butterfly for my mom similar to this over a year ago that I gave her for her birthday. I wanted one exactly like hers, but with a different color scheme for my house. So many hidden messages in here for she and I with so much meaning.

Pictures truly do it NO justice!

Every week I change out these fresh flowers on my coffee table. It’s like therapy for me to run to the store, buy flowers and create an arrangement for myself. I bought this coffee table tray at Target…THAT’S a story! I saw this one day on one of my Target runs thinking it was $4.99…safe to say when I got to the register…it was MUCH more, but I had to have it. It is PERFECT!

It’s all in the details, right? I bought these pots from Lowes a couple weeks ago. I knew I wanted a matted look, so I painted these shiny pots a flat white and trimmed the rim with a pearl paint I bought in the craft section at Walmart. Pictures truly do them no justice! and wait until you see what I have inside…can you tell?

Yes, that is in fact disco balls I bought from the party store in Houma and I am OBSESSED! They add the PERFECT amount of color and shine to my space. I read a quote just the other day after I purchased these that said, “Disco balls are made of hundreds of pieces of broken glass and look at how bright they shine! You’re not broken, you’re a disco ball!”

Now, they are even MORE fitting for this space!

I am actually obsessed with my dining room table scape (and my dining room chairs)! Remember how I started this by saying that all I wanted to do was paint my dining room table? Well, I did and it looks incredible, BUT I repurposed everything for this table scape except the pampas leaves which cost me only $5 from Walmart!

I had all of the pumpkins previously and the candle holders ate typically used for Christmas. I took the beaded garland off of my mantle and used it here and I think it adds the perfect touch- I describe it as “Elegant fall.”

Changed up my entryway bench my dad built for me with a new wreath and pillow. I was looking for something here to tie in the gold and I found this wreath on West Elm and felt like it was PERFECT!

The small details are IT for me and I love my collection of Magnolia Journals. I took these books I thrifted and painted the covers white- inexpensive way to decorate BTW!

My friend came to my house just this morning and she told me my house was “magazine like” and I can’t argue with her. The brick wall has been my focal point and inspiration for YEARS and I feel that as my style changes, it always comes back to the brick wall! I know one day when I buy my own house, a brick wall is a MUST!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little home tour! There is truly no place like home! Like this post and want to see how my apartment has transitioned over the years? Check out these blog posts linked HERE, UPDATE 1, UPDATE 2! All the furniture and decor linked below!

Framing: David’s Art Center, Gold Table Tray, Gold Frame, Beaded Pillow, Dining Room Chairs, Puffs, Coffee Table, West Elm Wreath

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  1. Another great read! I think you have a nack for interior design on top of the many other things you are doing!!!

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