Open When You Need To Slow Down

I wrote this for myself and I wrote this for you who needs to slow down.

I wrote this for you who feels as though you are moving too fast and life is so fast paced you barely have a moment to truly enjoy it. I wrote this for you Jess because you are moving at a speed right now that I know is too fast for you to keep up with.

You’ve got to slow it down, girl. If no one told you this, you’ve got to slow it down, pump those breaks and take five.

I know you feel like you have so little time to get things done and you are thriving right now. I know this feeling is indescribable and feels so amazing! You are accomplishing so many things you have worked towards and I know that feeling is addicting, but the truth is that you have glorified the late nights of staying up WAY past hours that humans should and it’s time to cut that out! Because boo…you just won’t make it at this speed and THAT is the truth!

You know what is also the truth, you are having the time of your life right now and that requires sacrifice and time. I know you have been told by so many that our time here on Earth is uncertain and are encouraged to make the most of your time, but burnout is #real, sis. Burnout is real.

The exhaustion and burn out may not have caught up with you just yet, but trust me…it will. I hate to deliver this news to you, but I am not here to lie to you or sugarcoat the aftermath of burnout.

The truth is that right now you are so damn tired. You might be sitting on your sofa right now at 10:30 pm for the first time all day. You didn’t have enough energy to wash your hair, so another day of dry shampoo for you, boo! You really, really want to get up and wash your face because you forgot, but you have been moving so fast all day that you just go with option two…clogged pores because getting up seems to cost way too much energy.

You know I’m right. You know you are so tired and it is also beginning to show on your face. It is beginning to show to those who love you most and are asking you to slow down or may even be offering to help you. Want to know a fun fact…you can’t fake fuel when you are running on fumes.

I know in the world we live in, it’s easy to feel like we are a step behind. It’s easy to feel like we are constantly needing to move at some type of crazy hyper speed, but man this is such a lie that social media has made us believe. Am I right or am I right?

The secret to success is embracing the slow and that’s a promise. I always say that my best ideas come to me when I am in the lull. Some of my favorite things I have done came to me in dreams while I was fast asleep or sitting on my sofa watching reruns of the Golden Girls.

So girl, after you read this I hope you pick up your phone, close your computer, drink a giant glass of water, turn on your noise machine and ceiling fan, pop on that eye mask and go to BED because that’s what you need. Now go to bed and dream about pumping those breaks because you need some practice on slowing down girl!

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