5 Day Tech Check: Get Your Tech Organized

Join me for my 5 day or 5 week tech check!

Lately, my tech has been out of control, disorganized and honestly embarrassing! I sat down just the other day and created a game plan for myself to organize my technology and I decided to share my plan with all of you. You can complete this in either 5 days or five weeks.

Each of these tasks are attainable and something that I want you to feel you are capable of doing. Take the day or take the week to complete the 5 tasks I listed below! Whatever works best for you works for me! I just want you all to feel a sense of organization and accomplishment after completing these tasks!

By the time you reach the end and you have completed your last day or week, I hope you feel accomplished and feel as though your tech is manageable! Let’s simplify our life!

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