Who Says You Have To Be A One Job Gal?

Disclaimer: I am not a one job gal!

I must start off by saying this because I am constantly asked, “Jessica, what do you do?”

Well, I do many things and that is not to brag, trust me! I have my hands in many different pots and at times it is REALLY hard to juggle all that I do, but I love it so I will not complain (even though sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed).

The truth is that I was not designed to be a one job girl. Why? Because I love TOO many things and I believe that if you love to do many things, then girl you better find a way to do it all! You weren’t given all of these talents to let them go to waste. Your passions were not put on your heart for you to ignore them, right?

All my life, I wanted to be a teacher. In my recent podcast (linked HERE) I talked about how I was a little kids who loved other little kids. As I grew older, it was so obvious that I had every characteristic of being a teacher. First, I had the ability to command a room (ask my family) and I had a love for any and all things school supplies, classic characteristics of a teach, right? All kidding aside, I had a love for children and helping them in whatever way I could, which I think is one of the most important characteristics of a teacher.

As I grew older, I was so involved in school and delved into many different clubs and organizations where I was able to allow my leadership ability to shine and at the heart of who I am, I am a leader. I march to the beat of my own drum. I have never followed the crowd and I have always done whatever I wanted to do from the moment I could walk and talk.

Which leads me to where I am now. I have always wanted and had teh desire to work for myself, but I am also a teacher, I followed my heart, earned my bachelors and master’s degree in education AND now I am in a place where I am able to also pursue my passion of being a solopreneuer, writer, author, blogger and podcaster…and trust me when I say I have many more passions that are fixing to come your way.

The truth is that I do not have to choose. I am capable of doing it all. Why? Because I am willing to do the work to do anything and everything I love. I think back to about 60 years ago when my grandmother’s sole job was to be a mom, which is absolutely a job in itself. Many years ago, society conditioned us to believe that you go to school all your life to pursue one career, go to work every day for 35 years, retire and THEN yo you do what YOU want to do.

To me, this mindset needs to be rewired. Do you see how backwards and twisted this mindset is? In my eyes, it should go like this. You pursue the IDEAS you are most passionate about from the moment you are capable of doing them. Each day you bring those ideas to life and create a passion which turns into your career. Each day you do not go to work, why? Because each day you are living out your dreams.

The truth is that many of us were not designed to do one thing. I know I wasn’t. I always go back to this phrase, “You were made for more.” I say this to myself on the days I feel like I am juggling so many things to remind myself that if I were just sticking to one job every single day, I wouldn’t be as happy. I wouldn’t be living out my dreams and if we aren’t living out our dreams, all of our dreams, then what is the point of dreaming?

So my question for you is, “Who said you have to be a one job gal?” Maybe it is the people around you or maybe it was society that made you believe you were bound to one job all day every day.

I am here to tell you that with hard work, dedication, a pretty bomb support system and some motivation, you are capable of doing all of the things you love!

…and if you don’t feel like you are capable, I am living proof that you CAN do ALL THE THINGS!

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