If Not Now, When?

If not now, when? I can say this about nearly everything in my life.

Why do we wait? Why do we wait to take the vacation? Why do we wait to chase after our dream job? Why do we wait to write the book? Why do we wait to get the degree?

I think we have been conditioned by society to wait. We have been told you have to have X and Y before you get Z. Better yet, you have to achieve THIS before you have THAT. What I love most is this famous saying, “It’s not the right time.”

What do you mean it isn’t the right time? I told myself this for YEARS! “Jessica, it isn’t the right time, you aren’t ready.” And do you know what I have to say, about all those lies I told myself, “Jessica, you wasted time! SO. MUCH. TIME!”

Do you know what else? Sadly, I can’t go back. I can’t go back and change what I didn’t do. I can’t go back and start sooner, I can’t go back and take the leap to do what I knew my heart wanted.

Do you know what else? You can’t go back. You can’t go back and change what you didn’t do. You can’t go back and start sooner. You can’t go back and take the leap to do what your heart wanted.

The other day I told one of my friends who knows I’m a big Hamilton nerd, “I feel like Hamilton! I feel like I’m running out of time!” If you watched it, you’ll get this reference. Truth be told, we are only losing time each day- not gaining it.

So if not now, when?

Recently, I’ve been writing down my goals and dreams. When am I working to make them happen? NOW! I’ve felt the affects of waiting. I’ve seen the repercussions of not going for something when I felt it on my heart and I have to live with the regret that comes with it. I’m sure some of you may be giving me a head nod or agreeing with me. You may be thinking about that dream or goal you wanted to chase after asking yourself why you haven’t gone after it.

You may be reading this right now with the same mindset I had, “It’s not the right time. I’m not ready.” Are we ever READY? What deems us as “ready?” Grow a third eye to see into the future? Grow a few money trees in our back yard to go on that vacation? Want to know the truth? I don’t believe in readiness. You want to know what else? MANY of the best experiences of my life have taken place when I was NOT ready.

So, I am writing this for you who needs the push to do that thing that’s been sitting on your heart. I am writing this for you who keeps your dreams on the back-burner or watches the clock for the right time to make your dreams happen.

Learn from me and relate to this post as I’m typing this at 11:42 at night. Why? Because IF I DON’T WRITE THIS NOW…WHEN WILL I WRITE THIS?

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4 thoughts on “If Not Now, When?

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Jess. Watching your journey is inspiring me to take action on my own similar goals. I hope you’re well, sweet girl!

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