Haven Flower Farm: Grown With Love

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I had the BEST time with this flower power couple on the Haven Flower Farm, y’all!

This post is a true representation of what it is like to be a farmer-florist, rain or shine (but we DEF caught the rain)! I have been knowing Reesa since I was a little girl and was THRILLED when she reached out to me to collaborate for a blog post! Of course I had to feature them for the month of March, women’s history month.

Women led flower farm? Yes, please! These two women have truly brought something to our community unlike any other. It is truly an honor to feature them on the blog. I am so excited to share our afternoon with you all, down to the rubber boots and rain coats!

I think these two should give tours of their back yard so you can see what these two have planted, literally! Reesa and Terrilynn, “What do y’all think? Like this idea?” lol!

As you can see, despite the rain, these blooms were incredible and these gals cut these gorgeous flowers in no time! Before I knew it, they had cut down a couple rows and filled their buckets with these incredibly gorgeous flowers. Their life is straight out of a magazine, guys! You should see the inside of their home! It’s to die for!

Terrilynn and Reesa have the most gorgeous home I have ever seen (I’m serious) and their back yard flower farm was a literal dream. They opened up their home to me, offered me rain-boots and a towel to dry myself off from the rain. These two are the true definition of southern hospitality!

Learning about their flower farm, how they got started and watching them in their element doing what they love was so fascinating and fun!

Enjoy a message from the farmer florists:

Ok, so let me tell you a bit about us. We are “farmer-florists” — a term used to describe those who specialize in both growing and designing with seasonal flowers. TerriLynn and I started this venture nine months ago and it all began with a Google search. I Googled, “How to grow black and white anemones in zone 9b.” and stumbled across Floret Flowers’ website.

Erin Benzakein, owner of Floret Flowers, is our nation’s leading flower farmer. She provides so much inspiration for this industry along with a plethora of knowledge to help those of us just starting out. As I looked through her website I was stunned to find that domestic flower growing is an industry in the United States.

As funny as that sounds I always assumed the flowers that our brick and mortar florists use are flown in from overseas but to my surprise this is indeed an industry, and a growing one at that.

Being the type A personality that I am, I dove in head first. I dug up a third of our backyard, planted thousands of seeds in trays, nurtured the growing plants, killed quite a few along the way and I studied so much about floriculture.

Farming is hard, physical work but it’s nothing a couple of southern girls can’t handle! I obtained my florist license and began working on designing with our flowers. When I look back at the photos from our first flower arrangements last August compared to designs that we create today, I note how much we’ve grown in these mere 9 months.

I am so attracted to organic styled arrangements. There’s just something about letting the flowers stand tall and sway in the direction that their stems steer them that’s just inspiring. Nature is not perfect and neither are our arrangements, but that’s the whole point. If you can place flowers together in such a way that they look as though they are in their natural environment it makes for such a beautiful show.

If anyone were to ask me what I considered my dream job to be I’d always explain that it would be something to do with flowers and plants. I didn’t necessarily strive to be a florist but I always dreamed about having my own shop where I could sell the most beautiful plants and flowers; those that most of us don’t commonly see in our small town.

It’s a wonder how life comes full circle because now I can walk into our backyard, pick a handful of fresh flowers and turn them into a stunning arrangement to share with our local community. Whether it be to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to bring comfort to those who have lost a family member or a “just because” bouquet, flowers bring so much joy into our lives and I am just thrilled to be able to cultivate this dream into our reality.

I had the best afternoon with this gorgeous couple. It is so much fun to sit around and talk with people who have goals and dreams. If you were to ask me my passion, it is supporting people like Terrilynn and Reesa who truly are “grow”getters.

These ladies work full-time jobs, come home and get to work on their floral business. Terrilynn said, “We get to work and eat supper in bed!” Many of their lunch breaks are spent making flower deliveries and you know what? I know these two wouldn’t have it any other way!

I so look forward to working with them again in the future! Follow Haven Flower Farm on all social media accounts linked below! While you’re at it, if Haven Flower Farm created an arrangement for you please leave them a review on Google HERE!

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  1. Their flowers are absolutely beautiful!!! Their hard work and dedication is so inspiring! 💕
    Love Haven Flower Farm

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