What You Need, Girl? You Need A Hype Girl!

Ladies and ladies, we ALL need a hype girl! We all need someone in our corner who will be there to hype us up when we need a pep talk or someone to knock some sense into us…at least I do!

Do you have a hype girl? You may have a girl(s) in mind when you read this. I am blessed to have my gals who know exactly when they need to step in and give me the hype I need to propel me forward.

I didn’t realize at this point in my life how much I needed someone to hype me up, but I can tell you having a gal pal who is willing to take on this role comes highly recommended.

If you see a girl killing it at the gym, hype her up and tell her! If you see a girl working her tail off at their job, take five and tell her she is doing a great job! If you see a girl chasing after her dream, support her by buying her products or supporting her business venture!

The smallest actions often create the biggest impact.

Sometimes we need hype for other reasons, too. Some days just aren’t so great for all of us. We all have had bad days where we need a boost of confidence or some words of encouragement. We all have had days where we just aren’t with it and subconsciously we are hoping someone comes in to save the day with words of wisdom or throw a little bit of kindness confetti in our face (hey, that’s an idea)!

I know the people I am thinking of right now who have taken on this role in my life and to say I am grateful is an understatement.

Believe it or not, you may be reading this right now and have no idea that you are someone’s hype girl, too! What I want you to realize is how IMPORTANT this job is. I want you to know how valued you are and how the littlest words of encouragement can change the course of a person’s day all because you chose to hype up someone.

Even-though you may not be someone’s designated hype girl, make the choice to hype up a gal every day. Gosh, the feeling of seeing someone’s face light up when you hype them up is priceless, right? To see someone go from drab to fab actually sends a rush of energy through me!

I’m here to crush the idea that you need to be philosophical and speak words that will forever change a person’s life. Something as simple as, “Wow, Karen! Your hair looks amazing today!” or, “Damn, Gina! You are killing your new business venture!” may make Karen and Gina both feel like rockstars all because YOU decided to throw some kindness confetti in their corner!

I’m rambling, but right now, I challenge you to reach out to your hype girl and tell her you how much you appreciate her! Tag her in the comments or share this post on her wall and let her know how valued she is. Also, I am challenging you ladies, today and every day, to hype up a gal up whether it be on social media, in person or by a carrier pigeon!

What do we need, girls? WE NEED HYPE GIRLS! Go out and be a hype girl!

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