Let’s Celebrate Our Small Victories

I want you to think about winning but not in the 2011 Charlie Sheen interview way. I want you to think about a time in your life when you felt like you were #winning. Most likely you are thinking back to a time when you had a big win or maybe got a promotion. Typically we associate winning with something that makes a bold statement and leaves others saying, “WOW!”

But what about those small victories you master each day? I believe that small victories should be celebrated most. Why? My answer is, “WHY NOT?”

We have small victories every single day and many times these victories lead us to those big victories we may be working towards. So why don’t we celebrate every step of the way regardless of the magnitude of the victory? Society has made us believe that big victories get you the likes and loves on social media. Big victories bring big crowds and bring the noise that we all feed off of.

Getting a little “science-y” for a moment. The dopamine receptors in our brain are literally set on fire when we are victorious giving us the feeling of “the winning affect.” So I want you to think about this, if we celebrate these small victories in the same capacity as big victories, imagine what this will do to our brains!?

Literally, MIND-BLOWN!! I’m geeking out thinking about this, y’all! My question for you is this, why aren’t we celebrating every small victory so we can always feel like we are winning?

Just the other day I was sitting on my sofa as I have done nearly every night since we went into shutdown. I am a deep, deep thinker (ocean like if we were to go that far). It is a gift and also a curse. I was thinking about all of the tiny steps I have taken to reach my dreams in my life. If we were to convert this to actual walking miles, I have probably walked a MILLION miles to reach my dreams and so have you!

I always, always say this in my blog posts, sometimes we have to do things that are hard and that is the TRUTH! Of course hard things are not easy to do, but what does easy teach you? Holla at me when your life was changed by a path being paved for you.

I want you to celebrate waking up in the morning with a smile on your face because waking up is a gift. I want you to celebrate staying in your pajamas until noon because life can be crazy and we all need lazy days. I want you to celebrate waking up five minutes before your alarm because this is God giving you extra time in your day, even if it is only five minutes.

You see where I am going with this? I know I struggle with thinking I am not making big enough milestones at times. Currently as I am typing this at noon on a Saturday, I am fighting to be further along my journey than where I am and I ask myself, “Jess, how is this serving you?” Of course this isn’t serving me any purpose, this is instilling defeat and doubt in myself and I surely do not want any of that!

You see, I am not celebrating my small victories. I am not celebrating the little steps I am making and have made to get me to where I am right now, but the truth is that I have to! I have to celebrate the days when I wake up feeling peace in my heart. I have to celebrate the moments I feel clarity and gain confidence in myself, even if it is small. If I don’t celebrate it, who will?

If you do not celebrate your small victories, who will?

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