Product Review: Drybar Baby Brush Crush Mini Heated Straightening Brush

Another one of “Jessica’s random purchases,” but this one turned out to be an investment and I say that with confidence!

I have always had what I call “baby hairs” better known as new hair growth that can’t be tamed! Stick around until the end and you may get an exclusive picture of my actual hair as a baby (Wowza! Worth sticking around until the end)! 

Anyways, I was randomly at Ulta the other day, social distancing of course, and I reached the checkout line, which just so happens to be my favorite section of the store. Don’t you agree that this is the best part of your shopping experience? You add in fifty extra dollars worth of random items you do not need.

Actually, sometimes this works out in my favor. Fun fact, I always try out the travel sizes of items before I purchase full-size. Why might you ask? Well, to see if I like it before I purchase the full-size, which has saved me a ton of money over the years!  

Anyways, back on topic. Just as I was going to checkout, I saw the baby brush and thought to myself. What’s $59 more dollars?

$200 later, I was on my way home from Ulta eager to try out the baby brush crush brush (say that really fast five times)!

What I like about this straightening brush is that it’s super quick and I see results instantly. I’m not burning my hair with a straightener and my hair feels full, yet looks tame, which was my goal.

One thing that surprised me about this brush is that it does not grip your hair. I expected a bit more tension, but the process is as simple as running a brush through your hair. 

If any of you have been interested in purchasing a heated straightening brush, I have been very satisfied with Drybar’s.

This was an impulsive, random purchase and I had no particular reason for choosing Drybar, however, I have read up on a number of this brand’s hair tools and the reviews are just fantastic!

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