My Self-Care Checklist

Self-care is something that I am wildly passionate about and believe in wholeheartedly. I always go back to the day I was sitting in one of my undergraduate classes where one of my education professors made a very lasting statement, “How can you expect to take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself?”

Truer words have never been spoken and these words have helped carry me many days when I needed It most.

I think with our world being flipped upside down, we have all had very little time to take care of ourselves. Some of you have taken on many, many different roles in your household. I mean, just a few short weeks ago, we were unable to get our nails done, haircuts, and all of the luxuries that make us feel good, internally and externally.

I won’t lie, my mood has been up and down many days and I do not like living my life with my mood in limbo. When I started to notice a pattern of when I felt my best, it was when I was doing things I did before COVID and enjoyed. I was craving normalcy and lacking the structure I so desperately needed.

So? What are some things you can do to take care of #yoself

  1. Alone Time: I am an only child, born and raised and unless you are an only child it is hard to understand the value of alone time. I need my quiet. I need my “by myself” time to recharge so I can function around people. For some of you, I know all you want and crave right now is probably five minutes to be #alone. Let’s face it, you have been locked inside with the same people for months. You NEED your time! If you have kids, call a babysitter to come and spend some time with your children. Go get your nails done, grab lunch curbside and find a quiet place to eat your lunch in peace. Go get a coffee and bring a book with you to read while social distancing in a park or a coffee shop. You need your time and I am here giving you written permission to take time for YOU.
  2. Create a Routine: I didn’t realize how important it was to have an established routine in place. I have always been someone who needed structure because I easily get lost when you give me too much freedom #ADD. One thing that I found was really important to me was getting out of my PJs every day. I had to. On the days I stayed in my pajamas until 2:00 in the afternoon, I was not a happy camper. On the days I got dressed, I felt normal. Routine is hard when our world is the way it is, but I know some structured routine will help you!
  3. Get Outdoors and Get Moving: Exercise in any capacity outside of your home is KEY to self-care! Nearly every day of shutdown I went for a bike ride or a walk. I would work out at my house with at home equipment in my back yard and I even bought an indoor trampoline! SO FUN! Exercise always, always makes you feel better and once you establish this as a routine, you crave it and need to do it daily. Raise your hand if you love making new good, healthy habits!
  4. Do Something You Love To Do: I am all about pouring energy into something you LOVE! For me, writing and being creative fuels my soul! I am sitting here right now at 10:29 PM writing this post after working a full day and I have never felt more relaxed. Find something that brings you calm and peace. This may be prayer time, journaling, investing in a new hobby etc. This looks different for all of us, but I promise investing time into something you love, brings a joy to your soul unlike anything else!
  5. Utilize Nighttime: I’m a girl who just loves the nighttime! I guess this would be because I am a night owl and stay up until odd hours in the morning. I realized I do my best work, I am my best self and am most at peace in the evenings. I realized that I get most things accomplished at night. Odd, but for some of you utilizing nighttime to do a face mask, read a book, call a friend, write etc. may be exactly what you need to find ensure you are prioritizing yourself.

If you need a spirit animal to channel who prioritizes self-care? This little girl knows when she needs to take 5 and become one with nature!


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