Come As You Are, Friend

Come. As. You. Are, FRIEND.

Compiling this from one of the deepest areas of my heart. My friends, you have absolutely no idea just how much YOU mean to ME. You have no idea how much I treasure the days and nights when we skip showers because we stay up until 3:00 am solving the world’s problems. 

My friends, I have never told you this and I didn’t think I had to, but right now I am here with thousands of people reading this as my witness…

Please, come as you are. The walls of my home and my heart are no place for judgement. I’m here putting it in writing. Please, come as you are.

Your choices will never be judged and the words you tell me will stay with me. No matter my thoughts and opinions, you always, always have my support. Why? Because you are my friend. Remember that, write it down and screenshot this part of the post as a reminder that I am right here no matter the circumstance.

Pals, you know I don’t care if you haven’t washed your hair in three days or forgot to put on deodorant. Come as you are, messy buns and no makeup are encouraged.

We all go through hard times. Let me repeat. We. All. Go. Through. Hard. Times. My closest pals have seen and heard me at my absolute worst, loved me, nurtured me and poured me a cup of coffee to cry into and cried with me.  

Some of my very best friends have seen me with mascara dripping down my chin staining my brand new white tank. My very best friend has welcomed me into her home with a dirty t-shirt, unwashed hair, a baseball cap and a broken flip-flop after I got a speeding ticket. #facts

I showed up on my best friend’s front porch exactly as I was and do you know what? She hugged me, loved me and told me everything was going to be okay and do you know what? At that moment when I needed every bit of hope, I believed her. Why? Because she is my friend. 

But friends, I’m also here to celebrate you. My part in our friendship is to cheer you on and support you. I am here to celebrate victories as small as you deciding to purchase a blender. I mean…margaritas anyone?

I want to celebrate every aspect of your life as you have celebrated mine. I want to be there and experience it all with you. 

Why? Because you are my friend. 

This is what friends do. You would most likely not go up to a random stranger, crying, with a broken flip-flop and pour out your feelings, right? You wouldn’t go up to a random stranger and tell them you bought a new blender, right? Okay. Just checking!

I think some of the moments I felt closest to my friends were the times where they came as they were. 

So right now, I’m sitting here waiting for you to come as you are, friend. 

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