#Stayedhome And Refreshed My Living Room

I won’t even deny that I have become a homebody over the last few months.

For me personally, working from home hasn’t been so bad and I really have enjoyed spending my days in my living room with my french doors open enjoying the breeze and sunshine.

Currently missing that breeze in the 90+ degree heat.

Since I was unable to go out and shop for new things, I did all of my shopping online to refresh my living room. Reason for the update? It all started with a rug…

My previous living room rug was SO SHAGGY and a nightmare to vacuum. I have been having it for a while and I was just over it, SO this thought spiraled out into refreshing my living room. I have had my eye on this tinted glass coffee table for a while. I wanted something that made a statement, but was also easy to clean.

This. Took. Forever. To. Come. In. due to COVID-19, but when it arrived, it was safely packaged and in perfect condition. This coffee table is the perfect addition to my living room. I was able to keep my hyacinth tray I had on my previous coffee table and bought this succulent as a pop of color and as always, my seasonal Magnolia Journal sits in this tray until the new issue arrives.

The coasters in the tray were a gift from my mom and the two puffers below the coffee table are used for extra seating or foot rests while watching tv (PLUS I just LOVE the look it gives off underneath the glass coffee table).


During the shutdown, I will admit that I was one of “those people” who developed a love for plants. I went to the nursery a dozen times and I purchased many, many new plants for my house. This fiddle leaf fig (that is currently suffering from a fungal infection) is one of my new plants and it makes such a bold statement in my living room.

Many more plants were purchased, a rubber tree plant, peace lily, and a few outdoor plants that are currently sunbathing on my back patio.

My mom and I restyled this bench (well, she restyled it and I approved) and I just love the turnout! I repurposed the table my air purifying plant is sitting on. This table use to stand in the corner where my fiddle leaf is. If you don’t remember, check out my previous blog post the last time I redid my living room HERE  to see the changes.

I would describe the style of my home as modern coastal. I gravitate towards anything and everything white and I absolutely love natural wood. The mantle, blanket ladder, baskets and wall deco are all the same, just added more plants. I was really looking to simplify my home decor and these plants were the perfect filler. 

Yes, I feel like I live in a jungle and I love it! The air is fresher and my house feels so cozy and green!

There’s no place like home! I hope you enjoyed this refresh and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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(Coffee Table), (Puffers), (Rug), (Coffee Table Tray), (Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig), (Blanket Ladder),

Plants Purchased at Hebert’s Nursery in Thibodaux. Directions HERE

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