Finding Happiness At Home: A Few Of My Favorite Must Have Items

Here are some of my favorite things that bring me sunshine and happiness all while staying home. 


#1 Cool Mist Humidifier: I sleep with this every single night to help keep my skin hydrated while I’m sleeping. You guys know I love skincare and am very passionate about my skincare routine. Adding this component to my sleep routine reassures me that I and working on my skin around the clock!

#2 XTREME Glass Water Bottle: This was a Christmas gift I received this past year and I absolutely love this water bottle! I use it every day. What I love most is that it has the ounces of water I am drinking listed on the side. It is also marked by hour, which helps to hold me accountable for drinking my water consistently. Also, I love that it is glass and free of chemicals. 

#3 Age Quencher Beauty Electrolyte: This is a new supplement that I have added to my daily wellness plan. I can’t express how much energy and mental awareness I feel when I drink this daily! I have always had trouble focusing and staying on task and drink this daily seems to give me a burst of energy and the ability to focus on completing tasks to the fullest. 

#4 Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist: I. LOVE. THIS. DAILY. MIST! Everyone needs this! Buy it for your mom, yourself, your cousins, aunts and friends. So why am I obsessed? Because the combination of both pre+probiotic help with bringing balance to our microbiome. Say what? I’m not in the medical profession or a skincare professional, so in simpler terms, this mist reduces inflammation of the skin. Plus, it is so refreshing and I use this twice a day during my morning and evening skincare routine. 

#5 La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen: I bought this recently and have used it on the days I know I will be out in the sun. I know my skin responds well to La Roche Posay, so I knew this product would be a good choice for me and my skin. 

#6 Kitsch Towel Scrunchie: This is one of those items you do not need, but it is so nice to have. I just ordered one for myself and I can’t wait for it to come in! I am trying to blow dry my hair less, but I do not like going to bed with wet hair. This scrunchie is made of microfiber material and is designed to soak up the water in your hair. Watch this video HERE to see how cool this product is! #sold

#7 Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap: I love the scent of this hand soap. This particular item needs no explanation. Stop what you are doing and wash your hands (with this soap because it is safe and smells amazing)! 

#8 Care and Renew Laundry Detergent- Lavender and Rosemary: I am a recovering tide pod addict…I was a bit skeptical of this scent combination, but I have to say my laundry smells so fresh! 

#9 Insulated Wine Tumbler: Because we all need Rosé during quarantine, right? These insulated wine tumblers are amazing and I always know I can enjoy a glass of wine in the evening and have a chilled glass ready to go! 

#10 Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag: I bought this months ago and this has been perfect for my daily bike rides and walks. This bag is perfect to keep my phone, keys and wallet with me while riding or going on a walk. What I love most is that it isn’t bulky and fits perfectly under my tank top. 

Here are a few of my favorite things! Share your favorite item/items you have been utilizing while #stayinghome! 

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