Just Do Your Best

PSA: This is #not a coronavirus post. This is a “post” coronavirus post that I have been drafting for quite some time and I pray this brings light to at least one of you.

Lately, I have caught myself saying, “Just do your best” more times than I am willing to admit. I have said this phrase to myself nearly every morning. I’m not kidding when I say that I am mid brushing teeth with a mouth full of toothpaste, giving myself a morning pep talk reciting these five words, “Just do your best, Jessica.”

But what exactly is my best? For the first time in my adulthood I had to be honest with myself and ask myself this question.

I have spent my entire life working towards being my best and you know what? 27 years later, I don’t even know what that girl looks like. I mean if you stop and think about it, do any of us know what our best is?

I’m going to be honest, each day my best looks very different.

I’m a work in progress and I believe that we should never stop growing and trying to just be and do our best!

Every day is so routine for me with very little time to branch out and live outside of my norm. Lately with so much alone time on my hands, I have had the opportunity to really analyze what my best is and my conclusion was quite surprising.

Some days, my best is waking up five minutes before my alarm and having time to put on eyeshadow (because we all know I don’t #makeup).

Other days, my best is a little a more extravagant, like the mornings I wake up at 4:30 to workout before work, go to adoration and listen to a few episodes of my favorite podcasts.

I have no shame in saying that some days my best is just getting out of my bed and that is the truth.

Sometimes, we go through things that steer our path in an unexpected direction. Some shape us to be better while others bring on challenges.

I remind myself often that rain brings life.

I don’t know if any of you are caught up in a spring shower or experiencing a storm. What I am here to tell you is that you WILL find your umbrella.

You will find this when you call on God in prayer.

You will find this in a person or people.

You will find your shelter and weather the storm because you are stronger than you are giving yourself credit for.

You know you have doubted yourself, my friend. You know you have doubted your strength and ability.

I know your best may not seem good enough and there may be a few more hurdles in the race than you anticipated.

Jump. Give it all you’ve got and just jump over it.

Do your best, whatever that may be. Do your best each day and when you lie your head on your pillow each night, I want you to feel as though you did all you could to make each day a great!

All I’m asking is that you just do your best, my friend. I’m sitting here on my rocker rooting for YOU!

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