Should I Purchase Airpods? Yay or Yay?

I am doing a review of my most recent tech purchase. Can you guess what it is…?


I typically jump on the bandwagon a little late when it comes to technology. I’m not going to lie, I resist as long as I can. I like for products to be out for some time, talk to people who have items I am considering purchasing and of course research the product to see if it will fit into my lifestyle, especially with it comes to tech.

Recently, my wireless beat headphones broke and I knew that I needed a new pair of wireless headphones. Particularly for when I workout alone, wireless headphones are so incredibly convenient.

I remember back in the prehistoric ages when I use to workout with a wire hanging from my phone. How did we do this? Not to sound like a brat, but I worked out with wired headphones for one day and that wire was just in my way! Safe to say I’m spoiled for wireless headphones.

Anyways, I was torn between purchasing another set of Beats or jumping on the #apple bandwagon by buying airpods. After doing much research, Airpods seemed to have many features that I wanted. First off, they are compatible with my iPhone and I have always liked the way Apple earphones fit in my ear. I think it’s safe to say we all have those earbuds “that fit our ears best.”

Beats fit my ears well, but they never felt super secure, especially during a high intensity workout. So, all arrows were pointing to Airpods. I bit the bullet and made the purchase (the ones I purchased are attached HERE) and my initial reaction was WOW! FIRST OFF…WHERE HAVE I BEEN AND WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!?

Everything about Airpods just makes life a little more convenient. I will be sharing all of my favorite features with you below.

**This post is in no way sponsored by Apple, I am just here to share my experience with those of you who may want to purchase, but do not know exactly what you are getting, have questions etc.***

1.Wireless Charging Pad

I purchased the series 2 wireless headphones with the charging pad. To be truthful, I didn’t have intentions on buying these, but these were the only Airpods Best Buy had in stock. I was determined to purchase them the day I went, so I spent a little more and bought them with this feature. This feature is strictly designed for convenience. To be truthful, if you were to purchase the series 2 Airpods without this feature, this would not hinder the quality of the ear buds.

2. “Hey Siri” Feature

I was never a huge fan of Siri and have had him turned off the past few years. Why? Well, I was one of the unfortunate people who fell victim to Siri randomly going off at the most inappropriate times. SO, I wasn’t crazy about this feature but I was willing to give it another try. So far, I am loving having Siri around, especially when my Pods are in my ears.

3. Battery Life

The battery life on these little guys are out of this world! It typically takes about 5-6 days for my pods to require charging.

4. High Quality Sound

I go for walks often and run in the morning. When I am exercising of laying in my bed at night and I want to listen to something, background noise does not interfere.

Particularly when I am running, I know that I can’t run long distances if I can hear myself breathing. With my AirPods, I have managed to run longer distances because the sound is so sharp and clear (and it manages to drown out my heavy breathing).

5. Seamless Switching Between Devices

I LOVE this feature! My MacBook and iPhone easily sync back and forth with my AirPods. Many times I’m listening to something on my phone and want to hear a video on my computer. I can easily switch over from my iPhone to my MacBook without any issue.

To reiterate, if you were on the fence about AirPods and were unsure if this should be your next #tech purchase, I highly recommend them.

This is just me coming to you and sharing how much my AirPods make my day a little more convenient at a reasonable price!

With that being said, Happy Holidays and I hope Santa drops off a pair under your tree💋✌🏼

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