A Letter To Myself When I Need Clarity

I know it has been on your heart to pray for clarity. You have prayed and prayed and PRAYED for it because your heart has been uneasy.

I know when something is on your heart, you pray about it. I saw you when you looked at the sky, gave Jesus a thumbs up and got to praying.

And he saw you too. He heard your prayers. Have patience.

I know you find it funny to pray for clarity when the answer is often right in front of you, but you pray anyway. Why? Because you believe in God and the power of prayer.

You have witnessed and experienced what it has done in your life.

You trust in God and give him your worries and fears because that is what you were taught and it’s what you whole-heartedly believe.

I know you have moments where you doubt yourself, your choices, you actions.

It’s okay. You’re allowed to be human.

You ask God over and over to send you a sign, but what you really want is for God to come down from heaven, appear right in front of you and tell you, “This is it. This is what you have been praying for.”

You know it doesn’t work this way.

Right now you are in a gray area. You are walking through the motions of life often wondering if and when things will move forward.


In the “pause” is where you often learn your best lessons. In the pause is where you pray and trust that clarity will come at its own time. You know it always comes when you least expect it.

Be aware, clarity is not always concrete.

Clarity is often disguised in the form of people, a change of heart, a lightbulb moment, a feeling of contentment, a moment of unexplainable joy or finding peace in the now.


Your compass will be your heart. Follow it. Listen to it and trust it. Your head will come in at times and try to take center stage and often send you mixed signals and fill your life with confusion.


Trust your heart. You know this is what you have to do, but at times you battle with your head and heart and you are left feeling empty.

Trust your heart. You know it will never mislead you.

Think back to those times where your actions and feelings were so clear and true. That was your heart leading you.

This is clarity.

I promise that on the days you need it most, you will feel it. On the days you want it most, you will find it.

Stop, listen and trust.

This is clarity.

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