Why Am I Holding Out For A Hero?

I know what you did after you read this title….

You clicked on your YouTube app, typed this in and blasted this song as you sang along to its catchy lyrics.

Hero…that’s a powerful word!

Did you ever look up the definition of hero? The verbiage is strong, y’all! The definition uses words like “noble” and “outstanding”- the kind of words that send chills up my spine like when the hyaenas hear the word “Mufasa” on The Lion King!

Immediately, upon hearing the word hero, I think of the movie Beaches. Have any of you ever watched it? To sum it up, it’s a movie about undying friendship, the kind of friendship we all wish and pray for.

Have you heard the song Wind Beneath My Wings? You can thank the movie Beaches for this and Bette Middler…you can’t forget Bette Middler!

This movie sends tears streaming. down. my. cheeks. like the great flood…most likely because I have a best friend who is the Hilary Whitney to my C.C. Bloom.

Enough about my undying love for Beaches. Onto the good stuff!

I think we all want a hero. Some of us may find a hero in someone we admire and love. Maybe it’s someone who has accomplished something you would like to OR someone who battled a life threatening disease and won their fight. Maybe your hero is someone who fought for our country.

Maybe your hero is someone who has done none of the things I just mentioned. Maybe your hero is just someone who is always, always there when you need them.

The one thing we often forget to acknowledge is that we all have a hero, and guess who it is? Ourselves.

I am my own hero.

Of course I have others…have you met my mother? She is the definition of everything I picture when I think of a hero, but in many ways I have become my own hero and believe it or not, you have become your own hero, too.


You’re here, right? You’re reading this right now which means this…you woke up this morning (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT)!

Some of you may have awakened, got your children ready for school while you also got ready for work. You may have had to put your $5 mascara on in the car because well…little Susie would NOT get dressed for school because she “just wants to stay home!”

Some of you may have ran a few errands today or cleaned out your closet you have been putting off for months, OR maybe this was your first day of exercising.

You see, if we are relying on everyone around us to congratulate us and give us the pat on the back we think we deserve, we may be waiting a lifetime.

If we learn to celebrate our own victories- big, small and everything in between, I think we could potentially transform ours days, which will ultimately transform our lives.

All my life I have been asked, “How would you describe your big picture?” How in the world am I suppose to answer this!?!

Naturally my response would be something sarcastic and along the lines of, “I would describe it as a long rectangle and right now, it is hanging right above my sofa.”

KIDDING, but you catch my drift!

I’m first to admit that in my profession I ask this question often.

You know what I never ask or have been asked, “What would you consider to be a small victory you accomplished today?”

In society, we focus on quantity over quality and look past the beauty in simplicity. We do not acknowledge the tiny steps we take which ultimately lead to great things.

If you asked me what was a small victory I accomplished today, I would say THIS…

I got out of my bed this morning at 5:58 am beating my alarm by 2 WHOLE minutes, showered, drank a cup of coffee, watched 37 minutes of a tv show while getting ready AND I got to work 3 minutes early!


All kidding aside, the message I am trying to get across is simple. Inside all of us is a hero. Did you ever stop and think that you may be someone’s hero? Did you ever stop and think that you have been your own cheerleader each and every day of your life?

I know it is almost Friday and I am asking you a whole lot of questions, but I’m ending with this….

You do not need a hero, YOU are a hero. You are your own hero, you never know…you may be someone’s hero, too!

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