My Guide to All Things Magnolia And The Ultimate Waco Experience

To say I had the time of my life in Waco is an understatement.

For those that know me, the Gaines’ family has inspired me in more ways than one and “all things Magnolia” has been on my bucket list for quite some time.

What was the best part of my trip? Experiencing it with my parents, two of my most favorite people in the whole world and laughing for 4 days straight..all while enjoying a place we now treasure and have made unforgettable memories.

Safe to say, I fell in love with #wacotx and honestly…I’d move there in a heartbeat! This city has NO TRAFFIC (NONE), it’s beautiful and quiet…and there is so much to do! My parents and I had the best time and managed to do more than I could have ever imagined on an extended weekend trip.

So here we go…enjoy our trip to Magnolia Market and all things Waco! Texas, we loved you and can’t wait to come back!

Day 1

After driving through torrential, devastating rain in LA to get here…we made it safely! (Posting a video in the comments for you to see the weather we drove through). The weather in Waco was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND SO BEAUTIFUL!

We arrived Thursday evening, checked into our hotel and walked to Austin Avenue, about 3 blocks from our hotel, for a little sightseeing, drinks at a wine bar and dinner at the most quaint Italian restaurant called Portifinos. So delicious!

I really wanted to see the Hippodrome Theatre, an old movie theatre with so much charm and character.We didn’t see a movie, but we were able to walk inside to see this theatre which looked like it was frozen in time.

Right before we arrived on this strip, the Baylor University Ladies’ basketball team won the NCAA championship and there was a parade down Austin Avenue. I just can’t bring myself to say, “Sic em, Bears” but we had a great evening and I definitely recommend a stroll down Austin Avenue if you’re in the area!

Day 2

The Rebstock’s traveled #540milestomagnolia

We arrived at Magnolia and my mom and I were ready to do what we do best…SHOP! I was trying to savor every moment, but I was so overcome with excitement I could hardly stand it!

No 1: Magnolia Market

Everything was so unbelievably beautiful and perfect…just as I expected. From entrance to exit, everything was sheer perfection! Safe to say…I was awestruck and fell in love with this place from a new perspective.

I love Fixer Upper and have watched it avidly for many years. I remember seeing this place on tv and creating an image of what I thought this place would be like in real life.

It’s a little oasis of home decor and apparel perfection with the most amazing and friendly staff imaginable.

I was inspired by every inch of this place and felt my creativity coming alive. I have been in a creative slump and recently felt super burnt out in all aspects.

This place brought me back to life and reminded me that no dream is forgotten with hard work, dedication and the right people behind you cheering you on.

We bought a few things for some of our friends and family (and of course…ourselves). My parents are currently updating the outside of their home and we came home with some incredible finds for our front porch and left this place feeling inspired.

No 2: Silos Baking Co

We waited in line for about 30 minutes for some tasty baked goods from Silos Baking Co. Our favorite treat? Carrot cake cupcake! Hands down THE BEST carrot cake all of us have ever had! The buttercream frosting was superb! I’m a chocolate chip cookie lover at heart, but the carrot cake cupcake stole the show.

It just so happened that we were here on Joanna’s birthday (coincidence? I think not) and there was a special celebration cupcake available to commemorate her special day. We didn’t try it, but it was funfetti…need I say more!?

If Chip Carter Gaines had a twin…it would,without a doubt, be James Edward Rebstock! This dude had us laughing the entire trip! Those that know him…not surprised, right!?

Here I am, all smiles for an obligatory silos’ picture! Behind that grin is a girl who is living her best life, and inside that Magnolia tote…a credit card screaming for help! (Kidding I controlled myself…I guess?).

No. 3: Magnolia Seed + Supply

The seed and supply is quaint and gives you a little something extra to look at while you are at the Silos. The knockout roses were a HIT!

No. 4 Food Trucks

Is it really a vacation if you aren’t thinking about food constantly?

Our Food Truck Recommendations:
  1. Magnolia Table: Chicken Salad Sandwich Croissant, Farmhouse Salad and Lavender Lemonade.
  2. 900 Degrees Pizza: We built our own veggie and meat lovers pizza (yum)!
  3. Luna Juice: Blended Watermelon with a lemonade bomb (it’s THE BOMB)!

No. 5 Jimmy Don’s

After spending a large portion of our morning and early afternoon at the Silos, we decided to cross off some items on our Magnolia list.

On our way out of the Silos’ parking lot, we saw Jimmy Don (the iron craftsman from Fixer Upper) at his mobile shop. He was SO friendly and it felt like we had known him our entire lives. Be sure you check him out in the afternoons if you are at the Silos. If you purchase something, he will autograph it for you and he is always up for a photo!

No. 6: Magnolia House

Next, we headed out to McGregor to find Magnolia House (address linked HERE), the house Chip and Jo fixed up on Season 3 of Fixer Upper. It was so quaint and smack dab in the middle of what I called “old Texas”.

No. 7 Magnolia Castle?

We found a palace fit for a princess! The Cottonland Castle (address linked HERE) was recently purchased by Chip and Jo. If you follow them closely, you may have seen this hidden gem pop up on social media. I’m excited to see what this will be! Any ideas!? I know! MY HOUSE! I’ve linked an article for you to see images of the inside HERE.

No. 8 Magnolia- Little Shop on Bosque

The place that started it all! As I was walking through the shop, I imagined Jo here many moons ago with baby Drake mapping out her dream in this quaint space. It’s truly unbelievably to see how two people have impacted one town so heavily. As expected, this place was charming. All merchandise was discounted and may be damaged or out of season. Definitely worth the stop! HERE is the address to the little shop on Bosque.

…ask my Dad why this is his favorite place….

No 9. The Findery

We made a pit stop at one of the most adorable home stores that I had on my list of things to see. I fell in love with everything at The Findery. They had two locations, so of course we hit up both and I fell in L❤️VE! This is a must see (and shop)! Address linked HERE

No. 10 McLennan County Courthouse

We had to make a stop to see the architecture of this courthouse. So beautiful!

I spy a girl…

No. 11 ALICO Building

The building is the only high rise in Waco. You can’t miss it along with the enormous America Flag flying above.

No. 12 Waco Suspension Bridge

We walked across the suspension bridge in the late afternoon. It was such a beautiful sight and so peaceful! As we were walking across, we stumbled upon a couple sharing their gender reveal! It was a sweet surprise and….it’s a GIRL!

Not to mention…this crazy girl!

No. 13 Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Farmhouse

There were many highlights of our trip, but finding Chip and Jo’s house is right at the top! I never thought we would find it and I expected it to be situated way down a rural road, but it was right off the highway on the most peaceful piece of property.

Holla at me Gaines’ family if you want a 6th child! I’ve got this adoption thing down packed!

After ending our Friday adventure finding the Gaines’ residence, we headed over to Ninfa’s, an authentic Mexican restaurant, with the BEST house margaritas and the most amazing Mexican entree I have ever had. My recommendation is Pechuga Alfonzo. I can’t even describe how incredible this was.

Day 3

No. 1 Magnolia Table

We started off Day 3 at Magnolia Table! I was excited to eat here, but I knew the wait would be long on a Saturday.

We decided to eat in the courtyard area where you can get coffee and pastries (with little wait time). This saved us loads of time and was a great idea because we were able to enjoy the outdoors and still peek our head inside the restaurant (and the croissants were so tasty)!

No. 2 Baylor University

After Magnolia Table, we decided to check out Baylor University. The campus was absolutely beautiful and it was a gorgeous day for a drive around tour (even though we did get lost…twice).

I’ll stick to my Nicholls’ State!

On our way out, we found this (not so little guy) so we stopped and paid him a visit!

No. 3 Harp Design Co.

Next on our list was Harp Design Co. Remember Clint Harp from Fixer Upper? He is the guy who does much of Joanna’s wood work (dining tables and such). His store is tucked away right next to a “fixer upper” too, so we were excited to see both!

No. 4 Waco Farmer’s Market

We stumbled upon this by accident but coincidently, it was on our list, so we were super excited! We bought a few unique local food items and enjoyed some Mexican corn and carnitas. In the words of my dad, it was DE-LICI-OUS!

No. 5 Spice Village

Spice Village…One word: dangerous! This is a place you MUST see if you are looking for unique items. From clothing to home decor, you can find it all here! For a girl who loves to shop….I was in heaven and could have spent all day there.

No. 6 Lover’s Leap

At the top of a winding road, you’ll find Lover’s Leap. This place was beautiful and had the most amazing view! It’s a view you must see if you ever come to #wacotx.

After leaving Lover’s Leap, we went back to the Silos to spend the afternoon relaxing, swinging and SNACKING!

No. 7 George’s Restaurant

We ended our Waco adventure by dining at George’s. Known for their award winning country fried steak, we had to give it a try! I don’t typically like chicken fried steak, but this was pretty incredible. I’m not “hopping” on a scale for a week after this trip. There are lots of menu items to choose from which are very reasonably priced. This is a place you have to try if you are in Waco!

As I was typing this, I had tears in my eyes because our visit to #wacotx is over, but we couldn’t have had a better trip! We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather and safe travels. If you are heading to Waco, follow my guide and feel free to ask questions! It truly was the ultimate Waco experience! 💋✌🏼

6 thoughts on “My Guide to All Things Magnolia And The Ultimate Waco Experience

  1. Oh! I love your article about Waco!! Thank you! I just wish you had the chance to experience the Free Silo Trolley and the Free LaSalle Shuttle that we offer to take people around to the fun sites 🙂

  2. Great read! I’m about to book our stay in July! So excited!!! Is there anything besides the hotel that you booked ahead of time?

    1. Yay! I’m so happy for you! We only booked our stay and that is IT! Best part of it all, I would say 80% of the things we did- did not cost us anything. Food, souvenirs, gas and stay were all we paid for. If you need any other additional tips, please don’t hesitate to ask! Enjoy your time there and afterwards, please share if my guide helped you😘

  3. I loved your post! We will have a great itinerary already planned! I am planning a trip soon. We love in Thibodaux & will fly from New Orleans & rent a car. I would like to know where you stayed.

    1. Oh great! Also, drive was not bad AT ALL! So scenic and peaceful! We stayed at the new La Quinta! Highly recommend for location! You can walk to the Silos and Downton.

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