Thank You For Being My Best Friend

From the moment I met Andréa, many, many years ago, we were tiny tots just tapping our way across the dance stage. Little did I know, the quiet girl with the brown bob was going to play such a pivotal role in my life.

Every girl wishes for a best friend.

We pray that the people we give our hearts to and confide our deepest secrets and thoughts to will be true and loyal, always.

That is you, Drizz and will always be.

Our friendship has always been so easy, probably because we have no time to fight because we are too busy laughing!

We have taken many car rides where we solved the world’s problems and have found that late night runs to Scarlett Scoop can fix anything and everything! Trust me, we are alive and well and can attest to this statement!

Andréa, better known to most as Drizz, has always been someone I have admired for SO many reasons.

For starters, I’m absolutely convinced this girl is made of steel. I watched her dodge the greatest obstacles of her own, all while offering a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand to everyone around her.

She is the most intent listener. This girl has spent HOURS, which has probably amounted to 2 full weeks of her life, listening to me over the years. With each situation, she manages to share her wisdom and bring peace and my unsettled heart.

She is a realist when it comes to problem solving, but her faith never falters. One of the greatest growths I have witnessed in Andréa is her ability to rely on God in any and all situations.

I think one of the greatest growths in a friendship is watching a person you love grow into their faith.

The one quality I will always admire most is her loyalty. She is a gentle lion and her loyalty stands firm when it comes to those she loves.

Her genuine nature is present from the moment you meet her. By the time you finish talking to her, you will feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime. She is genuine, down to the core, and makes everyone always feel special, which is all I have ever wanted and asked for in a friend.

This girl has been my saving grace for many, many years. Through the hardest times of my life she single handedly served as my backbone and brought me back to life, often through laughter.

She taught me that the best medicine in life is laughing with your bestie (and trust me, we have and still do share some insane belly laughs, daily).

Living hundreds of miles apart has played no role in our friendship and I knew it wouldn’t.

Although I selfishly want her here every day, our friendship has proven to be what I have always felt it to be, strong and genuine.

What I hope she always knows is just how special she is to me and always will be.

We promised each other we would live together again one day, old and gray dancing our way through a nursing home (or watching The Parent Trap) and honestly, I’VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED TO GROW OLD😂🙌🏼

She has given me the greatest gift a person can ever receive, true friendship.

I love you Drizz and thank you for choosing to do life with me! You know there’s no person in the whole world that makes me laugh like you do.

You will always be the Dorothy to my Sophia, the Hallie to my Annie, Blair to my Serena and the best of ALL Drizzie to my Jess!

Love you always and always, happy birthday!

One thought on “Thank You For Being My Best Friend

  1. As I read this over and over, I’m still brought to tears. Speechless. You chose to write an entire blog post about… ME. How?! This means more to me that you could ever imagine. Such kind words written about me.

    Jess, I THANK YOU for the friendship you have given me. Beyond measure, thank YOU for all you love, support, laughter, encouragement, loyalty (and so much more) throughout all these years. There’s no one in this world who knows me and understands me like you do (not even Dawnista… lol), and there’s no one more genuine and loyal then you, to me! I couldn’t survive a single day without you, truly. Our friendship is to be admired. So Thank you.

    I love you so much! Thank you for making my birthday SO special, even being 1,000 miles away. I cant wait to be reunited again!

    Love always,

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