A Letter To Myself For The Moments When I Feel I Am Failing

I hear you, kid. Every way you turn is a road block, disappointment or test and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t confuse the feeling of being overwhelmed with failure.

Stress is flooding your life and you feel that each test put in front of you is designed to your disadvantage.

You were born with the strength to hurdle any obstacle that comes before you and you were put on this Earth for a purpose.

I’m here to break the news to you…you will face obstacles daily. Some obstacles will be bigger than others.

Do not let them consume you.

The only way you will truly fail, is by giving in to defeat.

Envision a torch in your hand ready to cast off your fears, worries and responsibilities to the next person on your team in life. Remember, you do not need to hurdle these obstacles on your own.

I know you are tired of being in a constant battle with perfection and the fear of imperfection keeps you up at night. You lie awake wondering how you can be better, do better, act better and be your best self.

Relinquish this fear. Do not pay it any attention.

Envision yourself packing up your fears in a box, hiding it in a place you will never look and forgetting about it.

Let your fears suffocate in silence.

I know you need a pick me up. More than anything you are desperately needing a light bulb moment, pat on the back or wishing you had a highlighted map leading you the next step of your success.

Have patience.

You have reached a stagnant point on your timeline. This in no way shape or form has all arrows pointing to the “f” word (which is failure by the way- I know what you were thinking😉).

Do not confuse stagnancy with failure. The greatest thinkers, creators, makers, and scholars have hit road blocks.

What did this do for them? It gave them the time they needed to perfect their craft. It gave them clarity to work out the kinks and the realization that their greatest accomplishments took time.

You pray for time, but you pray for it on your terms. When you think about it, your success is somewhat conditional.

I’m here to tell you…this isn’t reality.

You want success when you want it and how you want it.

Your timing is conditional.

So my question for you is…are you truly praying for timing? God’s timing?

I can sit here and tell you that you have done great things and you will continue to do great things with your life, but you already know that.

Acknowledging your fear of failure is the first step up the ladder.

You have a gift, one that is so great and needs to be shared with the world. You have a talent that God bestowed upon you that will change the course and lives of others.

I’m here to tell you that your moments of weakness will be the links in your chain of success. Each link will represent a moment you were vulnerable and open to change, which is opening every door to your success and inviting others in to cheer you on.

You have never been alone on this journey. You have always had wings beneath you carrying you through these struggles. These wings come in the form of family, friends, teachers, strangers and every person who has taken the time to come into your life.

Don’t forget about them. Don’t forget to call upon this when you are feeling like you are failing. Do not forget to call on them when you need a boost or pick me up.

The greatest disservice you can do to yourself and the people in your life is suffer in silence.

One final remark before I let you go… never, never stop fighting for what you want, deserve and are working towards.

Is failure an option? Never! Why? Because your strength is fueled by your dreams which triumph over any failure.

In the words of my good ole dad, “Go get em, tiger!” You have a life to live and a world to change! 💋✌🏼

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