To My Grandma, You Are My Everything

There’s no denying that my love for my grandmother is strong.

What some may not know is why she is so incredibly special to me.

For an obvious reason, she is my grandmother and that alone would be reason to love her, but my love for my grandma runs much deeper.

I grew up right next door to my grandmother, so “going to Grandma’s house” was a daily occurrence for me.

She is the first stop when I arrive home and is always my last stop before I head back to good ole Thib.

All my life, my grandma has done so much for me and there will never be a day or moment when I am not thankful for her.

Aside from the obvious cooking, baking and sewing, she has shown me so much love, more than I deserve, through the smallest actions.

Over the years, our bond has become undeniably strong. We love many of the same things like hot tea, musicals, records and of course….shopping. It’s our favorite sport (besides golf)!

These are the moments I hold so dear to my heart. Each time we are together, the conversation never stops and it’s as though we never skipped a beat.

Even when I am away, she is not far from my mind and I know I am not far from hers. Something each day reminds me of her. Whether I see a beautiful flower in bloom or smell baked goods in the grocery store, she is always on my mind…which is how it should be, right?

I feel so lucky to love someone so deeply for reasons that often leave me speechless and bring such joy to my heart.

My grandma is one of my top priorities and I make a point to always make her feel special and loved unconditionally, because that is exactly what she undeniably special.

It’s hard to choose what I love most about her because she has so many wonderful qualities.

If I were to choose just one, I would say her greatest attribute would be her patience. She listens so intently, and this is something that I believe I have learned from her.

There is something so admirable about having a conversation with someone who truly listens to you. For me, she is that person, and I know she will always listen to each and every word I say.

She and I have shared so many memories together. I can write a series of books on the life lessons she has taught me and the many wonderful moments we have shared together. Not even kidding, I think they would be best sellers!

Fun fact…when I was little, we had a secret mailbox hidden in our warehouse where she and I would exchange a letter to one another every day!

Just the other day, she showed me the letters. Can you believe she saved every single letter I wrote her?! I was so surprised and unbelievably touched.

Even as a small child, my love for her was strong. Though my writing was child-like, the words expressed a message of love.

Over the years, we have laughed and cried our way through so many things. We have solved the world’s problems over tea and scones and managed to brighten each other’s day with a simple phone call or text. (She’s a 90 year old woman who rocks at iMessage, y’all)!

I would break any date (and have a couple of times- true story) to spend time with her. The time we spend together is always quality and precious.

As odd as this may sound, watching her grow older has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. There is just something so special about watching a person you love grow older.

I have watched her age so gracefully and somehow, she manages to get more beautiful by the day.

I feel as though I am growing with her and that alone brings such a warm feeling to my heart.

She may not realize this, but a large part of my heart belongs to her and always will. What she also may not realize is, that for the last 26 years, I have been watching her intently and learning from her words and actions.

She has modeled elegance and grace through the hardest times of her life and has perfected the art of a proper hug. (She really does give the best hugs, guys)!

She is the most dependable, honest, genuine and loving person I know. She loves everyone and everything with her whole and entire heart, which is a rare quality to find in a person.

What I hope she realizes is, that in 91 years, she has become something so great which surpasses what our generation may view as a successful, modern woman.

She is my grandmother, my best friend, the absolute most wonderful person in my life, my rock, and my everything.

To the woman who inspires and supports my every word and action, you will never know just how much I love you.

I love you more.



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  1. A beautiful tribute to a rare and beautiful woman. She is a jewel no doubt and you are blessed to have grown up with her so close. Thank you for sharing your heart and your relationship with Auntie G with us.

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