My Favorite Movie Soundtracks

1. The Greatest Showman

The most epic motion picture soundtrack alive, The Greatest Showman. Like many of you, I can listen to this all day- every day. If I had one soundtrack to play in the background of my life, it would be The Greatest Showman. This is hands down the BEST movie I’ve seen in the last ten years.

What’s my favorite song on the soundtrack? ALL OF THEM!

2. LALA Land

The most darling movie with the most enchanting soundtrack. More recently, I watched LALA Land for the first time and it touched my soul. It has left me feeling hopeful for the future of film and motion picture soundtracks.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling took my breath away with my favorite song on the soundtrack, City of Stars.

3. Tarzan

This was the very first movie soundtrack that I owned and it’s one I will always treasure. I will never forget sitting in the movie theatre and hearing the beating drums of Two Worlds for the very first time.

Tarzan is my earliest memory of falling in love with movie soundtracks. I was a very theatrical child and I spent many days dancing in my room to the soundtrack. I mean, were you even a 90’s kid if you didn’t dance in your bedroom with your CD player blaring?

In my opinion, Tarzan it is the BEST Disney movie soundtrack to date. So, a big round of applause to Phil Collins for creating the most effervescent soundtrack that many of us continue to cherish 20 years after its release.

4. A Star is Born

I have always been a fan of old movies and have watched Judy Garland in A Star is Born dozens of times, so when I heard of the remake, of course I was a bit skeptical.

The sound track sold me on the remake of this legendary film. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper truly brought this movie into a modern, current light through song. It’s safe to say that Shallow has captured the soul of many of us, but La Vie En Rose is my favorite on this soundtrack.

5. The Parent Trap

Y’all know I love The Parent Trap. I probably hold the world record for watching this movie (I still watch it at least once a month…maybe more) and can recite EVERY. SINGLE. WORD…I have witnesses who can attest to this.

I grew up in the 90’s so Lindsey Lohan was one of my idols (HA) and finding out she wasn’t really a twin was almost as dream crushing as finding out about Santa Clause….not even kidding.

Moving on! My friends and I use to dance around my bedroom to this soundtrack and It was a hit at all of my sleepovers. If you look at the playlist, the songs on this soundtrack are truly fantastic. Each song sparks a memory of my childhood, which is why this movie soundtrack holds such a special place in my heart. Safe to say, I L-O-V-E this movie and soundtrack.

6. Grease

“This album is, systematic, HYYYYYYDOMATIC…WHY IT’S GREASE LIGHTNING!” I had this song on tape. Yes, an actual little black tape that I would play on our tape player (I need to stop. My age is showing).

Grease is a classic at our house. When I was little, my parents and I would “camp out” in our living room and watch this movie together belting the words at the top of our lungs.

There are MANY home videos of me dancing around our house to this soundtrack. I might post a video in the comments below😉

I think we can all agree, “Grease is the word!” and this soundtrack will never get old.

7. Moulin Rouge

Honestly, when I first put this movie on, I started to laugh and I distinctly remember yelling, “WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE!?”

When the ACTUAL music began, I had a change of heart, my eyes opened and I fell in love with Moulin Rouge.

This movie/soundtrack took me by surprise. A “B” movie with a soundtrack designed to make you fall in love with Satine and Christian, the main characters of this movie. This soundtrack is a compilation of covers to popular, classic songs, which tell the story of how a writer and a singer fall in love.

Although this movie was cheaply made and a little cheesy, the soundtrack is nothing short of A-MAZING!

8. The Sound of Music

This movie holds my actual heart in its hand, most likely because of a the memories I associate with it. My Nana and I LOVED this movie. We watched it together many times when I would go to her house.

My Nana had the voice of an angel and each song brings back a memory of she and I singing this soundtrack together.

This soundtrack will never get old and holds such a special place in my heart. My favorite song is edelweiss.

9. Mamma Mia/Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Both of these soundtracks are pure GOLD! My family and I could dance and sing to these two all day long!

I am always in the mood to listen to Mamma Mia! Both of these soundtracks are so fun and make me wonder why I wasn’t born in the 70’s.

I love ABBA! I REALLY love ABBA. So the fact that Mamma Mia, this broadway production/movie is based off of hits from many of ABBA’s soundtrack, makes it even better!

Let’s face it, I was born in the wrong decade.

10. Harry Potter Soundtracks

When is a good time to listen to the Harry Potter soundtracks? That would be ALL the time! The minute I hear Harry Potter prologue, chills are immediately sent up my spine and I feel like a kid again.

I have read the Harry Books more times than I can count. I have watched the movies more times than a normal person should and the soundtrack just brings back so many memories of my childhood.

I grew up with Harry Potter, just like many of you. I fell in love with the magic J.K Rowling created through the story of the boy who lived. It’s only appropriate that I add this legendary sound track my list.

11. Titanic

I was a kid who was raised around adults, so I was always a bit advanced for my age and my taste in music and movies has always been a bit sophisticated.

When you asked me as a kid who my favorite singer was (and still is) it’s Celine Dion and always will be.

I remember watching this movie for the first time (on tape) at my house with my mom.

Yes, she made me cover my eyes a few times, but I could honestly say this was the first movie that made me fall in love with film.

This soundtrack is basically my most favorite style of music to listen to. I can have it on in the back ground all day long.

I loved this soundtrack so much as a child, my mom bought it for me. Yes, I was five.

My heart will go on is one of my favorite songs of all time, but to be truthful, my most favorite song on the soundtrack is the prologue.

12. Gatsby

The first time I listened to The Great Gatsby soundtrack I was totally entranced by the modern twist they spun on the soundtrack. I am a lover of R&B, surprisingly, and I felt the music was cool and had such an edgy beat.

I love listening to this soundtrack while I am getting ready to go somewhere. Maybe because it makes me feel “fancy.” I also REALLY love Beyonce and many of her songs are featured in this movie! If you haven’t listened to it, or forgot about it, be sure to listen.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I loved writing this for you all and reliving the many memories this soundtrack brings back. Be sure to share your favorite movie soundtrack in the comments! 💋✌🏼

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