The Truth About Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

Raise your hand if you think January was the longest, most tiring month EVER!

I can honestly say, throughout the month, I rarely had a full night’s sleep. For 36 nights (yes I counted) I did not sleep for more than 3 hours a night. I’m serious!

I woke up each morning feeling exhausted and asked myself many times, “Have I reached the point in my life when I just no longer sleep?”

Safe to say, I was desperate to find a fix for this situation.

I was having a recurring dream and many nights I was waking up in a cold sweat, with my heart racing, and I was honestly so afraid that this was something serious, but I was determined to “weigh” out all of my options.

Ironically, an advertisement popped up on my Facebook news feed promoting weighted blankets. I have heard wonderful things from people I know who sleep with a weighted blanket, but honestly…I was somewhat skeptical.

So in true Jessica fashion, I began researching weighted blankets.

Through research, I discovered that so many people use weighted blankets for a multitude of reasons and they are used more commonly than I thought. People of all ages have utilized this sleeping tool to resolve insomnia along with MANY other situations causing sleep deprivation.

How Do Weighted Blankets Affect Sleep:

The weight from the blanket provides a “calming affect” because the weight is evenly distributed over one’s entire body. The weight from the blanket releases serotonin, “a happy hormone,” which calms the nerves and puts the body in a state of relaxation, making it easy to fall asleep AND stay asleep.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket:

I picked 10 benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket that I felt I could relate to. I have read COUNTLESS benefits and testimonials from people whose lives have been transformed because of a weighted blanket.

The most profound testimonial I read was a mother who shared her experience on raising her child with autism. It was moving to hear how her son’s life transformed because of a weighted blanket. The positive affects ranged from a change in his mood, which ultimately changed the mood and dynamics of their household.

Imagine what this could do for all of us who have trouble winding down for the night!

Here are 10 Benefits:

  1. Eases Insomnia
  2. Reduces Anxiety
  3. Fights Back Against Stress
  4. Improves Focus for ADHD
  5. Eases Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome
  6. Boosts Mood
  7. Eases Travel Anxiety
  8. Addresses Symptoms of PTSD
  9. Helps Manage OCD
  10. Recreates A Hug đź’•

My Sleep Journal:

I wanted to keep an accurate journal of my sleep for 5 days with my Sleep Philosophy Weighted Blanket.

Night 1:

The minute I wrapped myself up in my weighted blanket, I knew this was a a great purchase! It was an answered prayer and the start of a new sleep routine.

Not going to lie, I got a little hot during the night, but also, I am on Whole30, and my hormones are balancing. Overall, my first night’s sleep with my new blanket was pretty great. I woke up feeling so rested and excited to start my day.

Night 2:

I literally went to bed at 8:30 because I just couldn’t wait to lay in my bed with my weighted blanket! I love the calming feeling that comes over me when I’m all wrapped up in it.

I have never been one to go to bed early because like I stated before, I have trouble shutting off at night, but within 10 minutes of laying in my bed, I was fast asleep and only woke up once during the night.

Night 3:

Night 3 was pretty eventful. I woke up a few times during the night because I drank WAY too much water before I went to bed and had to go to the bathroom several times, so I can’t blame that on the weighted blanket!

When I was asleep, I know I was sleeping pretty hard and barely moved during the night. For those that know me, know I’m quite the wiggle worm during the night, so again, this is another positive change.

Night 4:

I was SO EXCITED to sleep in without an alarm because it was finally Saturday! I was curious to see how late I would sleep with my new blanket.

Y’all…I slept until 10:30! Now, I do have a reputation for sleeping late, but 10:30 is pretty late for me, but I didn’t care!

I had the best night sleep and only woke up once during the night (huge improvement from not sleeping through the night for 36 days). Although I had a lazy day, I did not feel tired.

Night 5:

Night 5 and I was looking forward to going to bed. It’s so crazy that in just 5 short nights, I woke up feeling so relaxed and ready for the day.

Usually, I’m sluggish in the morning. It takes everything I have to get going, but I noticed waking up in the morning became much easier.

I also noticed that my dreams did not wake me up in the night and I am not having my “tooth dream” anymore…that’s a story for another day! So safe to say, I’m a happy girl and L❤️OVING my blanket!!!

I hope this could help at least one of you who may be having trouble sleeping or feeling like you have “exhausted” all your options and are just desperate for a good night’s rest.

This has changed my sleep pattern, guys. Safe to say, I’m a believer!

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