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I absolutely LOVE my job and I love coming to work every day so I can enjoy this sweet space I created. I am here for 8 hours a day Monday through Friday- spending most of my daylight hours here, so why not make it feel like home, right!?

My goal in designing my office was to create a space that felt like my home, not only for myself, but for my students who drop in. More than anything, I want them to feel that this space is comfortable and inviting.

It’s no surprise I have a love for home decor and styling. I have a deep appreciation and understanding of making a space balanced and symmetrical, which is a part of my design aesthetic. I love Louisiana and the many elements that make our state so unique, so it’s safe to say I have a subtle, coastal, Louisiana theme throughout my office.

Okay. I’ve rambled enough…enjoy a quick tour of my sweet little space at one of my most favorite places, Nicholls State University.

The door hanger was made by me and my mom. Everything was purchased from Hobby Lobby. Not going to lie, this was sort of a tough DIY project, but we did it and I love it so much.

Chairs:Amazon HERE, Wall Table:Built by my Dad, Lamps: Tommy Hilfiger, Picture Frame: Target HERE, Frame: Target, Oyster Paintings: Amber Leblanc Studio HERE

This area is located right in front of my desk so I see it each day.  I love balance, simplicity and symmetry. I wanted a wall table and mirror in my office to create a feeling of home.

Mirrors make a space look and feel bigger. I love the natural wood on this mirror and these two lamps from Home Goods were PERFECT to get that subtle, coastal Louisiana feeling I wanted in my office. Of course, the picture of me with my parents (laughing of course) is a constant reminder to never take life too seriously.

Plus, I just love them so very much.

Shout out to my girl, Amber LeBlanc (Amber Leblanc Studios) who made my dreams come true when I got my job back in July. Secret (but not so secret) I was hoping and praying I would get this job so I could hang these oysters in my office!

This is proof that dreams really do come true! And I mean…how beautiful are these oysters!? I love that I get to stare at them ALL DAY LONG! This girl is amazing, y’all! She is so easy to work with and is insanely talented! Check her out on Facebook, Instagram and be SURE to check out her website HERE.

Here is my favorite “bookless” bookshelf, which I feel is my little space where I get to show a little bit about myself to anyone who drops in. On this shelf you will find, two of my diplomas, pictures of my family, and a globe HERE because…every teacher needs a globe. Lastly, my embroidered Louisiana was handmade by my best friend Andréa- Wandering Root.

Everyone is always asking me, “What is the rock for?” Well, what few people know about me is that I have always loved rocks. I collected them as a child and have always found their color and texture fascinating. This rock in particular is special to me because my Paw Mo and Grandma brought this back for me from one of their trips. I have always liked it and it reminds me of them. So, on the shelf it goes! Plus, I like the way it balances out the shelves .

Sarah Hebert with Sarah K Kreations has transformed my office with her beautiful architectural images she created for me. A few months back, I featured Sarah on my blog. Check out her post HERE.

These three paintings are Louisiana-inspiredz I absolutely LOVE how the framing and matting enhanced each of them. Shout out to the ladies at Hobby Lobby who were so AWESOME and worked with me to bring these beautiful pieces to life.

Frames: Target HERE, Matting: Hobby Lobby

Louisiana Lamp Post

A crown, because I’m obsessed with The Crown on Netflix. (I’m not into Mardi Gras, but it can be considered a Mardi Gras crown aka Louisiana, right!?)

Magnolia because- Louisiana State Flower.

The last space is a hodge podge of all the “little things.” On these gold wall grids from Target HERE, you will find many random things…things that make me laugh and warm my heart, sweet notes that make me smile, important reminders and one of my favorite quotes I tell my students.

I bought these file drawers from Target HERE. The table it’s sitting on is a sister table to the wall table my dad made for me. Eventually, I will have a fridge under there..one day!

I hope you all have enjoyed a quick tour of my office and feel inspired to make your work space feel like home!

What do you love most about this space? Feel free to share in the comments on my blog! I love hearing from you guys!

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