Guide to Shopping on SHEIN

In the last few months, I have made a few orders on SHEIN and I’m here as a skeptic turned believer!

You may have seen advertisements on your social media news feed for SHEIN and wondered what all of the hype was about. Here is what I learned and how I manage to find fab clothes at a GREAT price.

I’m here to say, the quality of clothing is what it seems and I am a believer in the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.


1. First, my recommendation is to search by clothing item. Go on with some sort of idea of items you want. This makes it easier and you won’t be as overwhelmed with the large amount of clothing options.

2. Find something you like? Add it to your cart and leave it there. If you download the app, your cart will constantly stay up to date. So no need to stress about your cart being emptied once you exit. (Hallelujah)!

3. Prices are constantly going down, so be on the lookout and check your cart periodically to see if the items in your cart have gone down in price.


Here are some red flags I want to share with you to be sure you are getting the best quality items.

See this picture above? Something to watch for are low quality images. Think about it…if you are trying to sell something…wouldn’t you post the best image to make sure you are painting the most perfect image convincing the consumer they NEED the item?

My advice, stay away from items that are low picture quality. (The picture I put an X over).


I’m at an age where I am no loner into buying anything I can’t wear to work. You can easily filter through the thousands of clothing items on SHEIN by searching by style.

This makes things MUCH easier when I am shopping. I typically go for the workwear and elegant and on occasion casual.

Again, this all goes back to my first top, shopping with purpose.


One thing that I love most about this app is the review process of each clothing item before I purchase.

Recently I purchased this red coat and again for a long time I was a skeptic of this site so I wanted to see the legitimacy of this item. Because it “looks nice” but is it really….?

This brought me to the reviews where I was able to read tons of peoples thoughts. Additionally, I am able to see images of people in the item and see how “true to size” the item was before I ordered.

See in the image below. For this particular coat, I was kind of unsure which size to purchase. I like my coats to be a little oversized, so I went with a medium just to be safe.


Best tip of all, you will never pay full price for an order if you spend $60 or more! Say what!?

Check out the image below for savings codes and always be sure to check back to the home screen before you check out!


Fun fact about every time you make a purchase, you earn SHEIN points. Depending on the clothing item, you could potentially earn more points.

When you check in daily, you earn points. You can also earn points by reviewing clothing items you purchased, putting together outfits for events, tuning in for live sessions and taking images of yourself in the clothing for review.

If you notice on the image below, I have points to put towards my next purchase. Many times, I will just bank up my points to put towards a purchase.

I love SHEIN and so far I have had a positive experience and I believe it’s because of everything I shared with you above.

For any of you skeptics, check it out using this guide to ensure you have a positive experience and can add some pieces to your wardrobe at a great price!

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