Casey Johnson- New Orleans Artist- Water to Bloom

I’m so excited to feature my sweet friend Casey Johnson’s new collection.

Background for any of you who may be new followers or viewing Casey’s work for the first time.

Casey, a New Orleans’ artist, has managed to capture elements of our beautiful state, Louisiana, with her incredible eye for color and detail.

Each of the paintings in her collection are undeniably unique to our culture, which you can view on her Instagram account, Facebook page and website.

I was particularly drawn to Casey’s work for her use of soft colors and extraordinary use of texture. In her new collection, the amount of detail Casey put into this collection far exceeds expectation and truly brings a uniqueness to each piece in the collection.

The inspiration behind Casey’s new collection derived from her recent travels and nature.

Casey says, “I named it “Water to Bloom” because it is the common theme in all of the paintings; they all need water to become beautiful. I have always been drawn to water themed artwork, and this was the perfect opportunity to expand the concept to other natural splendors.

Ladies and gents, the moment you have all been waiting for, including me, Casey’s beautiful new collection, Water to Bloom.

When I asked Casey what set this collection apart from others, she states, “I asked followers what they wanted to see and learned a lot about how to improve my paintings in the eyes of my collectors. A common subject request was magnolias, and while I wasn’t particularly inspired to paint them, I did it anyway. When I began the paintings, exciting ideas just started flowing out and by the end they were my favorite floral paintings that I have done thus far.”

Casey has an undeniable love for painting lemons and pelicans. For this collection, Casey stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something new by combining her favorite subjects into one painting. Casey combined pelicans with magnolias, magnolias with lemons and lemons with oysters.

Casey says, “Hopefully, this will appeal to those like me who cannot decide what their favorite is!!”

As I previously stated, Casey’s soft color palette is something that has always drawn me to her work. For this particular collection, she remained true to her usual color palette, blues and yellows, but added more whites and neutrals to create a fresh, modern feel.

Casey says, “My main priority was to create a calming, chic collection and the colors were imperative to achieve this style.”

With 30 beautiful pieces in this collection, I have a hard time choosing a favorite because each are so unique, beautiful and completely my style.

Casey spends much of her time creating the pieces in her collection and puts her heart and soul into each piece she creates.

When I asked Casey what her favorite piece is in this collection, she states, “My favorite paintings from this collection are the lily pads. They were inspired by  my recent visit to Claude Monet’s home, where he painted his last collection, “Nympheas” (water lilies).  It was impossible to not get inspired by his acres of gardens and ponds. It was a treat to see his most famous collection in person, and it encouraged me to apply my style to the same subject matter. My lily pads are no Monet, but I am proud of them. They are my favorite of the new paintings.”

When creating and putting action behind your thoughts and ideas, challenges are bound to arise, which make the final product all the more worth it.

Casey says, “Every collection brings its new challenges. Applying my style to a different subject is always slow and experimental. Sometimes, I begin a piece to find that the concept doesn’t work, so I will ditch the 8+ hours I’ve worked on the piece and paint over it. I take what I learned from the unsuccessful painting to refine the next.”

I could never choose a favorite of Casey’s work because I am such a fan and love everything for individual reasons.

If I were to choose, I would say that my most favorite items are commissions she creates for clients.

I love the idea of two minds merging together to create something personalized for a special person and space.

Casey says, Commissioning is such a great idea to get a piece of work that is exactly what you want! I customize the size and colors to fit your space perfectly. The best way to start the process is by filling out my commission form on my website at

Have no fear, commissions are not the only way to purchase Casey’s work. With the support of local businesses, Casey’s work can be found at various storefronts in LA.

Here are some places you can find her work.

Fur.Nish (Metairie), The Royal Standard (Baton Rouge near the Highland Exit) and Redoux Home Market (Mandeville)

What I hope most for Casey is that one day she will be able to own her own gallery, which is one of her future goals. With her incredible talent, I have no doubt that her dream will be a reality one day.

Casey says, I have always admired the beautiful showrooms around New Orleans and owning my very own space would be a dream come true. There are so many artists that I admire, and most of them have beautiful space for their work. I know it will be hard, but one day I hope to have my own unique and gorgeous space as well.

Guys, if you haven’t already flocked to her website, Instagram account or FB page, head on over and check out her work.

I love supporting Casey as she has supported me and my blog. This girl is beautiful inside and out and I would love to see all of my followers, each of you, supporting this amazing visionary and sweet person! (and don’t forget about her sweet pup, Maverick)!

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